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In this thread, please focus feedback and discussion on the healing Essences currently being tested in the Rise of Azshara PTR:

  • Artifice of Time
  • The Ever-Rising Tide
  • Life-Binder’s Invocation
  • The Well of Existence
  • Vitality Conduit

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I went over 2 so far Liffe-Binder’s and Well of Existence and the 1st one mentioned is very strong for a Resto druid since it can proc from every hot you have on a target and so stacks very fast.

Well of Existence after the nerf is a not something I will be using. With only getting 15% from overhealing it will charge slow and only proxing on 40% hp targets… its a bit low, should be 50% at least.

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Also I’d like to bring the cost of getting Artifice of Time rank 2-3.

Right now if you look at achievement you need 50k honor earned in Battleground, and for lv 4 its 100k.

Lets say I can get now 500 honor from a win in one battleground. I need 100 wins to get rank 3, it takes around 12 mins to sit in que to get into one battleground and after that around 15-20 mins to win it. We are talking about good 2 week of doing only battleground every single day not stop. I think its a bit to much of a time investment to get it. If to get other essences takes just a kill of heroic boss, or doing +10 key.


Synergy of disc and The Ever-Rising Tide is insane. 30 sec cd. Ensures having a 30-40% healing bonus for every ramp. Feels broken on ptr. Will be broken on live.


I wish they would have added some creativity with these healer essences, rather than just the typical stuff healers get.

Like instead of a 3min cd actually give us something we can use frequently that isnt a passive. Like a healing spell that also deals damage equivalent to healing to 1 or 2 nearby enemies.


After finally figuring out that I needed to remove a piece of gear to un-bug the auto stop from my healing proving grounds, I got the chance to play around with a few of these. And so, I thought I’d share some of my thoughts and opinions, more specifically directed at the concept and not numbers. (I play Mistweaver, took off a few gear pieces for gold challenge for testing) (Also, just my opinions, not intended as absolute)

  • Artifice of Time
    Firstly, this essence is extremely epic looking, basically turning the target into Saturn. Reminiscent of the void stone, but more specifically the holy priest (pvp) talent, ray of hope, this essence feels strong when used at the right time. If there’s a big chunk of damage on a target that needs healing that you can’t cover immediately with more damage incoming, it’s a great life-saving cooldown. At rank 3, the damage and healing seems impenetrably massive. I like how the damage and healing is done over time so even if someone is healing negative (damage positive), they still have the potential to be saved. There’s a neat interaction for healers to try to race the damage output. However, in my opinion, outside of pvp and maybe high end raid tank healing, this doesn’t seem too needed. But other than that, it’s just a super-powered, situational tank healing cooldown usable only every 3+ minutes. Maybe if the healing received is double the damage taken then reduce the cooldown by a minute? The selfless haste buff to other players (minor power) is very cool on an rpg element and it’s nice to have something to support other players.

  • The Ever-Rising Tide
    At simple glance, this essence wasn’t enticing to me. Using it organically throughout the healing proving ground resulted in a smoother feeling. There’s an organic ebb and flow to using it. The short cooldown of 30 seconds, the build up for the buff being 10 seconds then the total output of the buff to be another 10 seconds after, and having the 10 seconds downtime illustrate a thoughtful story of building and spending. Over the entire gold healing challenge, I received 7 passive procs for mana [17,640 mana] (not sure on intellect proc however), and ended with around 20k mana (burnt a lot for fun and maybe higher procs?). Minor aspect of the essence is less noticeable but relatively more useful when using the major part. This is feels like it could be extremely powerful when used right (esp m+), even more so that I can get to 9-12 stacks of the buff (~44% increased healing). I additionally feel like if you can spam your low mana cost spells that cycle with your gcd, the essence becomes a huge asset to building up to healing an immense amount of damage intake. The halted mana regen is a great interaction in giving better players higher outplay potential. Conclusively, I think the stacking healing % might be slightly high right now if you aim to maximize it every single use.

  • Life-Binder’s Invocation
    The heal over time effect on each seed is a super nice touch to this essence. The explosion instant healing is also extremely nice in keeping up with damage output. It’s nice that the minor affect can be applied from any of your healing even though it makes it more random. On average from the proving ground, I’ve gotten the major ability to a cooldown of around 2 minutes. I really like the design that any unused seeds reduce the cooldown of the major ability, ensuring that a seed isn’t entirely wasted. The sort of randomness on applying the seeds is more or less effective. Overall, solid trait, neat additional hot to have on people. I actually really like the concept of this essence and it feels like it gives a solid boost to healing, but in my opinion, it feels like it somehow lacks the ultimate ability feel like the others do.

  • The Well of Existence
    I am a HUGE fan of this essence. It looks satisfying following you around and it’s fun to passively try to fill it up without wasting mana. (It also reminds me of sheilun). The great visual display is an easy way to track relatively how much of the ‘well’ is left. Furthermore, the instant cast nature of the major power, along with the low cooldown, provides an amazing quick saving tool when someone dips low and you don’t have the setup time to save them and had some extra pool left. Surprisingly, the minor ability of this essence is the most exciting to me as it sort of eases the stress by healing targets when they’re below 50%. This seems relatively strong if you actively have hots rolling out on players (if you can keep and maintain the ‘well’) and in a way can redirect some of your other passive healing to those who need it. I really, really like the minor to this essence. It gives a lot of depth to redirecting and not wasting healing with relative effectiveness.

  • Vitality Conduit
    So this is another essence I wasn’t really excited about at the beginning. After using it a bit, it’s pretty okay, but I definitely think it’s missing the WOW factor. Maybe the cooldown should be shortened to 30 seconds, or increased to a minute but drain health to the target faster or at a larger capacity. It feels like this trait can have a nicer effect for healers who excel at group and AoE healing. As a monk, it’s relatively easy to single target heal someone who needs it without having to yoink some from the group, but maybe as a shaman who needs immediate tank healing and can hit chain heal to pickup the donating party, it would feel exponentially more useful. The minor power is the same as the major, which again, is nice, decent, redistributed healing. As a last note, because the major, on-use power looks like it currently deals damage to the donating player, this is probably extremely valuable for breaking polys and saps in arena.

Conclusively, I think all healer specific essences are unique and fun to play around. Each one has relatively good depth and can provide a specific niche to a particular healing scenario. For the most part, they all have a relatively noticeable change to your healing and how you want to choose how to heal.

For mythic plus dungeons, I feel like Ever-Rising Tide is extremely hard to beat the raw output and haste it gives to cover each fortified pull. Life-Binder’s Invocation is also a pretty good healing output essence for dungeons as well, with Well of Existence potentially providing great ‘saving’ instant casts on players who slip into damage a bit.
With raiding, Artifice of Time could be good for a specific tank mechanic, while Life-Binder’s Invocation, Vitality Conduit and Well of Existence are solid healing output essences. Further, the complexity and combination of having one raid healer with Vitality Conduit (siphoning hp to players in need) and another with Life Binder’s Invocation (filling in the healing absorbed siphon) is exciting synergy to me.
For RBGs Artifice of Time is great to put on a flag carrier at a critical time. In arenas, Artifice of Time could be extremely strong while Vitality Conduit could just be a free crowd control trinket on non stuns and fears. It’s probably a good idea to look into how you want these two to work in pvp. Otherwise, Well of Existence and Life-Binder’s Invocation are just solid healing output essences.

Thanks for reading. Cheers.

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Hi. Can someone explain the Well of Existence to me? Since it only stores overhealing, doesn’t that mean that the harder the content, the less useful it is (since there is less overhealing to be had on a suffering group/raid), and if its easier content, you don’t need it?

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Even on progression you overheal (I generally overheal 20-30% on MW). It just is a thing, not all of your heals will be 100% effective. Major raid cds, aoe heals, hots all add to the pool of overheal.

This gives you a bit more in terms of ST healing on command and passive healing on low hp targets. I think at conservative guesses it will be about average (as most of the healing essences are, none of them are overwhelmingly good).

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/10 $$$$ing char

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Thanks for the detailed feedback! It’d be nice if a few other healer classes shared their thoughts as well!

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Some tuning tweaks that will be on PTR soon, noting here because they’ll be coming in as PTR hotfixes at this point:

  • Artifice of Time, Minor: Haste/Speed bonus increased 13%
  • Ever-Rising Tide, Minor: Int bonus increased 20%
  • Ever-Rising Tide, Major: Duration (both active duration, and bonus duration) reduced to 8 seconds
  • Life-Binder’s Invocation, Major: Cooldown reduced to 2.5 minutes
  • Vitality Conduit, All: Transfer amount increased 15%
  • Vitality Conduit, Minor: Proc rate increased 25%
  • Vitality Conduit, Minor Rank 3: Absorb value increased 38%
  • Lucid Dreams, Minor: Proc rate for mana users reduced 20%


Make them account bound. Thats all the feedback you need.


Can vitality conduit be triggered from hots? Can’t seem to find info on this anywhere :confused: