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  • Blood of the Enemy

Currently for Wind Walkers our SEF spirits do not cast Blood of the Enemy meaning we loose out on a ton of damage. during SEF it’s 15.75% crit amp as opposed to the 35% crit amp.


This helped me pick out the essence worth farming for next patch. Thank you for this. Also for the people saying blood of the enemy should be nerfed… You all know blizzard is famous for overnerfing things to the point they are useless. be careful what you wish for.


just like azerite gear its huge let down could have sworn in a Q&A they stated this is what players want . no it isnt ur just replacing one garbage system with another . mark my words just like azerite gear devs or ion will state at a later point " ya we messed up " i mean how much further out of touch with the player base do u have to be before u fix this trash or fire some staff . i mean show me where anyone said " wish i had generic new skills to add to the many buttons i already have to press " but its blizz still trying to figure out why these feedback threads exist considering i have yet to ever seen feedback change any issue posted . its basically just for us to vent on how bad and out of touch ion is with the players


Ion basically admitted that azurite gear was a failure lowkey.


There’s only so much they can do in a content update cycle – replacing Azerite entirely wouldn’t be possible unless they went backwards and reintroduced X system – but then it probably wouldn’t make sense with the Azerite storyline.

Players are already foaming at the mouth for how long 8.2 has taken, and will still take to release. If they had to completely design a new system and implement it, 8.2 would come out after BlizzCon.

Back on topic … I think part of the reason BotE is gained through PVP is because they know how popular it will be, and next to nerfing it to the ground, this is a way of controlling how many players are using it – because some players would rather complain about having to PVP than spend the 30min or so a day in PVP content to earn rating or take a chance of gaining the essence through wins/chest.

(Curoar) #28

I was able to do some testing with, “The Unbound Force” earlier this week. I thought it was pretty neat, but I had some qualms about gameplay issues.

Lets start with the things I enjoyed.

  • Cool visual animation when activating
  • Easy to understand in terms of game play (Get 20 stacks, Activate Unbound Force)

Now lets get into some of the problems.

  • Oppurtunity Cost could easily outweigh the benefits of this ability.
  • Doesn’t synergize with secondary stats very well.
  • Visually difficult to notice when you’ve achieved 20 stacks, outside of the UI buff.
  • General tuning, not sure if the major is worth the essence slot, compared to other essences.

The problems while they out weigh the positives aren’t too difficult to resolve. Adding a sound effect or a visual effect (either on the UI or Character) would solve the issue of knowing when you’ve obtained 20 stacks. Opportunity cost can easily be fixed by making this ability off the GCD, thus never interfering with cooldowns and such. Tuning is a minor issue that couls be resolved later.

Secondary stats is the biggest concern imo. Critical Strike doesn’t do anything for this essence, and Mastery varies from spec to spec, so its safe to assume mastery would do little for this essence.

Versatility seems to be the only stat that synergizes well with The Unbound Force, as its just a flat damage increase. Haste could have the minor benefit of improving the uptime on the minor effect assuming your also not attempting to stack crit in additon to haste.

Overall i think “The Unbound Force” has the potential for a cool gameplay loop for certain specs, it just needs a few tweaks.


Blood of the Enemy is not a very powerful melee essence, it’s a very powerful DPS essence, many ranged specs will be using it because its -that- good.

  1. Leave it locked behind pvp
  2. Gut it, or make it only useable in pvp/warmode in pve. It is way too strong for raids, and people will be whining endlessly that they -have- to pvp to have their bis dps essence, because in reality they will have to if they want to perform the best. Let’s not go down this route again.

As a mage, it is best for not only arcane currently, but potentially frost even with VoP/TV combo, which is asinine.

(Jape) #30

There almost has to be another build with essence adjustments.

Right now I go through 2-3 unlocks and be content til they add more essences. It’s disappointing.

(Silvermage) #31

I suspect the reason it is so good and behind PvP is to drive more PvP participation in some wild hope that these transient players will stick around to PvP after they have the Essence.

Like all good manipulators of numbers, they trot out how good PvP participation is while only looking at the 2 months where folks were getting the essence.

(Haven) #32

I hope the only viable options are given a pve alternative. Would hate to have to sit out a raid tier because I don’t pvp. Oh well.

(Ww) #34

add a forge to proving grounds so u arent utterly incompetent only a bit incompetent ty

(Curoar) #35

You should be able to test the essences in the proving grounds. Just open your HoA, and should have all the essences unlocked.

(Jape) #36

You can’t use the 55 slot.

(Ryeshot) #37

Disclaimer: This is regarding the most recent Condensed Life Force nerf, but the grievances are relevant for all essences changed throughout testing.

When essences were initially announced Blizzard explained they wanted them to be just as strong as legendaries, and having upwards of 20% increase from them was intended. Here is an explanation of what the first build PTR Condensed Life Force looked like (this is not verbatim but the point should still get across).

Condensed Life Force - First PTR Build
Major effect: Call upon Azeroth to summon a Guardian of Azeroth that launches azerite spikes at your target to aid you in combat for 30sec. Each time the Guardian casts a spell, gain 4% haste stacking up to 5 times. This effect ends when Guardian of Azeroth despawns. (5min cooldown)

Minor effect: Your spells and abilities have a high chance to impale your target with a spike of Azerite, causing Fire damage.

Every time an azerite spike deals damage, reduce the cooldown on Condensed Life Force by 6sec and increase the damage you deal to the target by 15% for 6sec.

And here is the (final) most recent version of Condensed Life Force.

Condensed Life Force - 6/11 PTR Build
Major effect: Call upon Azeroth to summon a Guardian of Azeroth for 30 sec who impales your target with spikes of Azerite. Every 8 sec, the Guardian launches a volley of Azerite Spikes at its target, dealing Fire damage to all nearby enemies. (3min cooldown)
Each time the Guardian of Azeroth casts a spell, you gain 2% Haste, stacking up to 5 times. This effect ends when the Guardian of Azeroth despawns.

Minor effect: Your spells and abilities have a high chance to impale your target with a spike of Azerite, causing Fire damage.

When an Azerite spike deals damage, all damage you deal against that target is increased by 5% for 6 sec.

There is no argument that the initial version of this essence was excessively over-powered, but that does not diminish the fact that the current version is a fraction of the strength that it was. Over the testing cycle I have been consistently disappointed that every build essences are being nerfed so that they no longer have any semblance to what they were initially. Furthermore, I was expecting to go into patch 8.2 yearning for legendary-power effects. Effects that have an impact on my gameplay. The current effects have little-to-no impact on gameplay, and I will use Condensed Life Force as an example. 5% increased damage is arbitrary and irrelevant to what I am doing, and 10% haste has very little pacing change. On the other hand, 15% damage is noticeable (especially paired with cooldowns), 20% haste is pacing change, and the cooldown reduction portion left a very nice feedback loop. Sure the initial effects were strong, but that is irrelevant, they were fun. And that is what balancing is for (this is not balancing this is neutering).

Again, this downfall of strength is prevalent throughout all of the essences. The other two that come to mind straight away are Crucible of Flame and Blood of the Enemy. This essence testing has left a bad taste in the mouth. If we are promised to receive items that are strong that have impact on our gameplay, we want that delivered. Otherwise don’t promise us at all and let us be disappointed instead of let down.

(Ww) #38

really digging the 50% nerfs of blood and condensed life force. Really nice that blood is now just 25% bonus crit for 10 seconds and the crit amp basically doesnt exist. Really really really nice that even after the nerfs the other essences are such a waste of time they still arent worth taking! Maybe instead of letting essences rot at 2-5% dmg increases we make them actually worth the effort to rank up and have some level of impact when you are refusing to add new azerite traits or do talent work.

This expansion is an utter failure thus far and a large part of that is the extreme aversion of having any level of meaningful impact from the systems added. The interesting azerite traits were culled in 8.1 and you leave traits such as Sunrise Technique where actively maintaining it in cleave scenarios is a DPS loss. If this patch goes live as is my BiS essence will come passively from raid clears instead of being something I actively try and achieve. I will use the same talents I have used since pre-patch, and the same 100 row since Antorus release nearly 2 years ago. I will do the same rotation that I have used since Swift Roundhouse was gutted on Uldir mythic release and the only change from your brand new system will be 10% haste and 5% damage amp for 30 seconds on a 3 minute cooldown.

Shout out to the casual player base that slurps down world quests, warfronts, and glue, so blood would get gutted and conflict and strife will get gutted next so I can enjoy my timelocked raid essence content and the plethora of war mode/rep/dungeon/quest essences that if you combined their total dps contribution they might equal something that is close to relevancy.

Honestly surprised the devs managed to con blizzard into getting paid for killing a game, a monkey could have done it for free.


I thought essences were supposed to be powerful like artifact powers and made people want to Sub to BFA like how they subbed to Legion…

These seem kinda bad now, and small DPS gains.

(Xæthron) #40

Over the weeks all the DPS essences have been nerfed… except that ones that deal dps flat out. Pressing a button for big damage can only be done so many times before its not fun. Visions originally had the ability to reduce your CD as the fights progressed. That was fun. There hasnt been any of that since Legion ended. “More damage” buttons arent fun.

(Nimox) #41

A hotfix is in process for some tuning on the Condensed Life-Force Essence:

  • The damage that the Guardian of Azeroth deals when casting Azerite Spike has been reduced by 35%.


Grinding essences on every toon is an absolute waste of time, UNLOCK IT FOR ALL TOONS ONCE UNLOCKED!


I want to be raiding on my toons and pvping not wasting hours and weeks working on getting essences!