Essence walls

just came back to the game to play around but want to let you know my frustration with this essence grind on alts that will probably just make leave again.
I like to jump from character to character as I get bored on free time but between college work and kids my play time isnt as much now. I’m not saying you shouldnt earn your gear but i dont like being forced to go back and do hours/days/weeks of old content taking up all my time just getting old essences for new characters. A very simple fix would be if you get rank 1 of a essence its account wide. rank 2 account wide ect.
I feel like this game has no replay value because I’m punished so hard for wanting to make a new character with a returning friend or deciding I dont like the play style of this character after all maybe ill try this character instead.
I really hope you at least hear what I say but by the time a fix is put in I’ll probably be done with wow and I dont really want to be but this game has become more of a grind for weeks not missing a single day type of game.


Its fairly discouraging, I am planning of doing up this alt to do some M+ but looking at the laundry list of essence and what they require that I would need, that is at least a month of farming. You can level a character from 1 to 120 in 2 days played (or boost), you can gear it up from scratch through mythics/wqs and bind on account tokens in about a week or two to an okay level. Essences however, that is a month of dailies solid, not a great game design there.


if all you are doing is jumping around from one character to the next, why do you even bother getting essences

I would like to point out to you though, you barely play the game so you probably barely pay blizzard. There are people out there that play the game and pay blizzard throughout and if they make this game for you then those people don’t have content and will stop paying blizzard.

Other than the new 8.3 factions - it takes one week of dailies to get the rep essences. And the 8.3 factions don’t even take a month.

I have been playing blizzard games since diablo 1 and have always supported them but its also my job as a loyal customer to let them know how I feel and what people complain about in every stream. what people complain about in /2 and my guild. Overall I think wow is in a great spot minus the essence problem. I love m+ and the new raid is fun. all im saying is i dont like needing to do old content dailys every day for a month on any character I want to play. I would rather do the new dailys with my time and sadly most the time I only have time for one set. of course there is always internet trolls that will bash anyone for their feelings though

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there is NO months business - those reps take one week.

also I have no idea why you are posting that kind of thing in the PTR section anyway - this type of thing is for general discussion and if you had posted there you would have seen other threads already on this issue.

Not all essences are tied to rep:

  • Blood of the Enemy
  • Conflict and Strife
  • Guardian of Azeroth (CFL)
  • Focusing Iris
  • Vision of Perfection
  • Worldvein Resonance

While “months” is hyperbole, each of those does take a long time to get, and all of those are considered top tier for most specs in the game.

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