Escaped [H] 5/9M 1/2H LF Heals

Someone say bump?

410 Brewmaster monk looking for a new team, I saw y’all recruiting dps but I figured I would inquire

Were always accepting exceptional raiders! Add me on Bnet: Demonics#1608

I heard this guild has an amazing HR officer that rivals even the great Toby Flenderson. Also bump

He speaks the truth!

Bump de doo bump

Lets go!!! bosses to go down!

I had to Pay for my AOTC, you guys didn’t get it for me!

Need a warlock and mage!!

^^ tip top here we comeeeeeeeeeee

Bumping because its such a great place to be

Such a great place to hang out and raid

5/9M 1/2H looking for a MW Monk and Resto Shaman!

UPDATE 7/9M Now and needing 1 healer