Errorcode 51900319

Since 2 weeks ago ive been getting constant disconnects for no reason, I can play any other game completely fine even Overwatch I can play with no issues but when it comes to WoW its disconnect after disconnect after disconnect and its very frustrating trying to do a dungeon and then out of no where getting randomly disconnected, I don’t even want to join a castle nathria raid or do a mythic plus anymore because im nervous ill get disconnected and mess something up because of it. I don’t know what to do anymore, is there anything I can do? (ive tried all the options blizzard suggested and as predicted they don’t work so im really out of options here.

You should follow up with tech support, that I believe is a generic code. Each game connects differently so you can have issues in one, but not all.

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I’ve tried but they want files of things and I don’t know what all of that is

im having the same issue…the maw…giant threw me and when i landed disconnect…log back in…disconnect

If staying logged off the affected character(s) for about 15-20 minutes does not correct the issue, then you can use the automated service to have the system relocate your character to a safer location.


Just hit CONTINUE to go to the page listing your characters. Then choose the affected character and it will automatically be moved.

Just be aware it can take a few minutes for the page to load as it has to populate a list of all your characters.

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now im playing on my druid and I can barely walk 10 feet without getting disconnected, thinking about ending my subscription as there is no point in paying if I can’t play >:(

What troubleshooting have you completed? Did you try the UI reset? Can you add your DxDiag?

Most technical issues are going to require some effort on your part since assistance is being given via a forum, not in your home.

I just did that and it deleted nearly all my addons :smiley:

nevermind just have to re install them but I was questing in the maw and so far its working fine, no disconnects

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