Error wow51900328 + latency running on spot

Hi guys,

So I usually never contact support (Hardly ever make forum posts) But I am pretty desperate.

I am actually having two types of dc issues going on that is disheartening me from being subbed at this point.

Like to add that nothing has changed, its only ever started happening since the launch of shadowlands, I put it down to the servers / the launch being a bit messy, but thought it would change over time and it never did.

I’d like the add, that I do not have disconnection issues or anything in no other games I play regularly (Warzone / Cold War) + League of legends.

First connect bug is the classic error wow51900328, I heard theres a method I can use with cache but have not tried it yet (thought id better see with the forum community.

Second is actually a freezing / latency issue disconnect, but it doesn’t make sense since its only started since shadowlands and I have 0 issues in other games.

ill be in a dungeon healing, then all of a sudden all my spells wont work. and everyone other then me is running on the spot, I’ve noticed my home ping goes up to like 500, but im almost sure its some kind of wow issue, because nothing has changed on my end and every other game I’ve had absolute 0 issues with, figured even COD would share simular servers? It’s just so frustrating haha

Any help would be appreciated, thanks again

What ISP do you have?

For latency issues, you’ll need to provide a WinMTR for someone to tell you where the problem is occurring.

I hope you get an answer for this. I’ve had the same issues. My ISP has been out several times and found no issues with the service. My lines and equipment are brand new as of Jan. I’ve provided several WinMTRs to Blizzard tech support. Admittedly 2 of them showed packet loss on my ISP but the majority showed packet loss on Blizzard servers yet tech support tells me they have no server issue and I need to talk to my ISP. Something must have changed with the Shadowlands expansion. If this doesn’t get fixed soon my days of spending money on Blizzard products are over.

Hey! Thank you for the replies guys really appreciate it!

@Skuldy, so im with Dodo, if you have heard anything about dodo or anyone has I would be willing to change providers, its just a big risk since if it doesnt work ive payed out money switching for nothing.

@elocin okay thank you I will run the tests and get back with you.

@cometageezus yeah man its quite frustrating, hopefully a fix will come for us soon bro <3