Error (WOW51900123)

Dear Blizzard,


All of us

The last 3 days, it takes at least 5 tries for me to get in to the game from the Bnet launcher. And don’t tell me it’s a problem on my end, I don’t have this issue on EU servers. Only on US servers. FIX. IT.

No feedback is collected from this forum since it’s sole purpose is for troubleshooting. If you want to give that a shot, community members may be able to help, but it will require you to gather data to be analyzed.

For more clarification: Trouble connecting to either region does not guarantee a problem on any server, and is likely an issue on the route itself. In both cases, your ISP is responsible for part of the route, and then they contract a peering partner to complete the connection path. The peering partner in the US is likely a different company than the one connecting over to the EU. The ISP nodes used in both directions will be different, as well.