Error: Realm Has Maximum Charactersc

I was able to get game time to delete mail from my characters mailbox so it could process a character transfer. I’m currently 2 tickets in and waiting 2 days to get an answer to the situation. I made a ticket that got a bot response that was incorrect. I then received an authentic response from customer support, but they ignored half the message. I can’t transfer because there’s a bug that say I’m over maximum character limit on that server. I have 24 characters in total and 0 of which that are on that server. Altdonut-sargeras → WoW1 is what I’m trying to do. I just see that you respond to most posts and wanted a little insight on the matter.

Have you logged into each realm where you have characters? That usually will allow the account to update to the correct count.

I would focus specifically on any realm that you had characters you deleted, especially if they still register as having characters there when they do not.

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I appreciate it. I’ll try logging into them now.

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So, I logged into every realm I had characters and it didn’t resolve the issue.

Sorry, Altdonut. I don’t have any other workarounds for that. Hopefully, a Game Master can take a closer look.

Edit: One last try… Have you tried creating and deleting a character on those realms that you had characters on? That can also refresh the list. It’s a bit of a lengthy process, obviously, but while you wait for a GM it might be something to try.


I’ll try that. Thanks for the help.

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