Error #132

I don’t have the processors mentioned and I’m getting this error.

Same here. I just purchased a new Lenovo Legion gaming laptop, and it was working fine until I updated to Windows Feature version 2004, now I can’t run the game at all. It instantly crashes to the Error #132 screen. I have a 10th Gen Intel I-7 CPU and Nvidia GTX GPU. I’ve tried the rename cache fix, scan and repair, now I’ve uninstalled it and am waiting for it to re-install, though I have little doubt that fixed anything. Just following what they say to do. Blizzard, please respond!

If you don’t have the cpu’s mentioned here, this thread doesn’t apply to you and you should make a new thread. I would include a dxdiag.

Actually, I fixed my Error #132 issue by going to Nvidia’s site and downloading their latest driver for my GPU. After installing that and restarting, no more error :).

Indeed, Windows 10 2004, sure had issues before. Now I have mouse right click issues big time in Windows like file explorer. Not in games. Certainly how mice work in windows just changed some in windows.

With windows 10 2004 it seems that hardware manufacturers need to tweak drivers, I certainly am having issues. But it isn’t everyone, just some.

You might wanna go back to the previous Windows 10 until the driver issues are worked out.

I have been getting the same problem. I was on, updated to with 07/21/2020 bios update for my ASUS Prime x470-Pro and it did nothing, and I got my 3700x day 1 from microcenter. I have previously disabled add-ons, reinstalled wow, upgraded to 32gb ram, updated gpu vbios, updated AMD chipset driver, disabled startup apps, and upgraded PSU from 650w to 750w. Nothing worked so far and it randomly crashes especially when entering instances like atal’dazar and mechagon. Have submitted 3 tickets to blizzard with msinfo, dxdiag, and crash dump analysis. Will try to roll back to and see if thats what solves it. The crash dump file analyzed by windbg.exe showed something that looked like wow was trying to write to an already populated memory sector but idk.

dxdiag- qbhrQhJZ

crash dump- p5W7Kg6L

I submitted my RMA request to AMD on Monday morning, last week. My RMA was approved by AMD the next day (a Tuesday), and then they e-mailed me a FedEx shipping label. A few days after (a Thursday) I had safely packaged my R5 3600, then FedEx printed the label for me- complete with a tracking number- and sent the package. That took less than 25 hours, because the closest AMD address in my state is ~240 miles away (it was received on Friday).

My processor passed inspection, and today (Monday) I got the e-mail to let me know that it was approved to be replaced and the replacement would be shipping soon. Shortly after, I was e-mailed that it has shipped and to expect it in the mail within 5 business days.


The replacement CPU will be going in another build so that my S.O. can play games with an RTX ray tracing graphics card.

Heads up: Borrow a Ryzen 3000 Zen 2 series processor from a friend if you can, to test. If anyone wants to buy a replacement Ryzen 5 3600 to test with that was manufactured in recent months, a 3600 is the cheapest this week it’s ever been, e.g. today it’s $154.99 from Walmart. You can buy it online and have it shipped to you if you need. Keep the receipt for the processor that you bought in the case that you decide to return it “open box” within the allowed return window. If you experience no Error #132 on a new processor, please consider submitting an RMA request directly to AMD on their website for your previous processor. Since I’d already done this processor swap to test, AMD didn’t make me jump through any hoops to justify my request.