Error #132

Oh, I’d almost forgotten this detail from a WCCFTech article:

“MSI 300/400 Series AM4 Motherboards Receive AMD AGESA Firmware BIOS, AGESA V2 Headed To X570/B550 Soon!”

Be on the lookout for (version 2) for your X570 MSI board then, I guess?

Thank you for bringing that article to my attention, Clayre. I’m in the middle of talking with an AMD rep in trying to figure out the issue, though they are insisting it is something in my hardware. As for my results in Prime95, everything was fine apart from running the blend test. Also, I don’t know about an RMA. When I tried to in November, they refused because my processor worked fine on, so there was – in their words, mind you – “nothing wrong with the CPU.”

Update: MSI put out an article on the releases of their next AGESAs. Seems that X570 boards won’t see a stable BIOS release until the beginning of July for v2 You can look this up on MSI Gaming’s subreddit. Apparently, 400-series already got, but it reportedly didn’t do anything for the error 132s on WoW.

So, I’d known that the memory I had in my PC wasn’t on the Qualified Vendor List for best compatibility with my motherboard. That was something that I knew would need to be tested with a memory swap before contacting AMD. The sticks I had didn’t have great chips in them to begin with, hence why they’d been cheap. Sticks of the same brand and similar model in my board’s QVL that had been tested showed that they couldn’t function at the RAM’s advertised speed, were only on the QVL because they’d been down clocked by the human testing them just enough to successfully post.

While browsing compatibility lists for my motherboard, I saw that a dual channel kit I had originally wanted when I built my PC is now on the QVL. The kit only cost me $6 more than I’d already paid, is 200 MHz faster, Samsung chips, and is a reputable brand: G.Skill. Bought the memory sticks, installed them, and…

10+ hours later, still no crash to desktop while playing World of Warcraft, whether running 5-man Legion dungeons or anything else- no issues, whatsoever.

Before the component swap, I had made certain to uninstall drivers for my motherboard to then install ones that match the most recent releases from MSI; they had backtracked to an earlier version of ethernet drivers, and a newer chipset driver is now available. My PC also has the latest Nvidia driver version 451.48 installed. Before upgrading to the newest official BIOS for my motherboard, I had reset my BIOS settings to default and restarted twice before flashing the new BIOS. Restored my BIOS settings manually, and enabled some “CPU Features” that weren’t available in the much older BIOS from Sept 2019. My Windows 10 version is still 1909; I haven’t updated to 2004, a.k.a. the May 2020 update.

I then played WoW on the non-QVL memory until the game crashed to desktop with Error #132, which took about 5 hours. I then saved the DxDiag, saved the MSinfo event log, shut down my computer, turned the power supply switch off, and swapped in the QVL memory sticks (G.Skill Trident Z, 3200 MHz). Booted into BIOS to enable the XMP profile to get the advertised speed of my new memory sticks, saved settings and then restarted.

The BIOS for my board is now the most recent, non-beta, official release with AGESA (build date June 12, 2020).

My RAM is on the QVL, and I ruled that out as a problem a while ago (Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB 3200MHz). Interestingly, 451.48 produces error logs when you exit the game (says the client crashed with an error 132 for “memory could not be executed”). Of course, I’m still on, but I’m waiting for V2 to get out of beta for my board. If the problem persists in V2, I’ll officially be out of ideas, and it’ll be up to AMD/Blizz.

Ack! Foolishly, I spoke too soon. :sweat_smile:

Got an Error #132 crash to desktop early this morning, after only an hour and 10-ish minutes playing. Remembered to take a screenshot this time. Saved all the usual files for evidence. I got another Ryzen 5 3600 just to test with, though I was hoping that it wouldn’t come to this.

I also have been crashing with x570 Mobo. I tried ALL fixes, nothing worked. I went into bios & set ram from auto to 2133. No crashes so far. Before I couldn’t get logged in for more 5 seconds.

Well I spoke too soon. Error 132 is back constant for about a week now… blizz at least tell us you’re looking into a fix for this motherboard mess?

As far as I know, Exorcist, they’re in talks with AMD and others.

I am personally keeping an eye out for the next non-beta BIOS to be released for X570 boards (should be in the next week) to see if that corrects anything. I’ll report here about it.

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Asus has a new bios out. Installing now. 27.07

If it says beta, be careful – says the guy two hours late from the post.

Still error 132… Bios update made no difference.

I am having this issue also. I just bought a brand new desktop. I have only installed Blizzard games (Diablo 3, WoW Classic and Retail) and WoW keeps crashing with error 132. I have done all the items in the troubleshoot guide and it still occurs. I have Ryzen 7 with Nvidia 2070 Super. I made sure to update all drivers and OS before installing the games.

Uggggghhhhh. Is it V2, Exorcist? 'Cause that’s just… oof.

I have the ASUS x570 tuf gaming wifi Mobo… my bios is 27.07. Released 7-3-20.

That pains me, but thanks for letting me know.

Long shot here, but my stability on a asus x570 used to be really bad. Then I found something that talked about specific ram slots (not remembering which ones) to use for asus if all slots were not populated.

Maybe try swapping the ram slots… to test, if nothing else.

Have you had any similar experience(s) with MSI X570 boards, Zungar?

No, but I only looked because my board was unstable and it was an asus. I stopped looking when something that simple resolved my issue.

Edit - your manual says “Always insert memory modules in the DIMMA2 slot first.”
Next is B2.

Yeah, they’re in A2 and B2. I was just wondering if you maybe heard any rumblings about MSI X570 boards, but thank you for responding!

No problem. It’s such a weird case - the ram slots and stability.