Error 132 Crash

Hey everyone. Been having Error #132 pop up as of recent. I will provide some of the WoW crash logs, as well as a DxDiag log.

The crash seems to happen just whenever, at first it was happening after an hour or so of play, and typically when opening a dialogue, or a loot window. However, now it happens within 5 minutes of play, and just seemingly random. Any help would be great, as from what I’ve read on other posts, it’s a faulty graphics card more than likely. I did just build this computer, so the card is practically brand new.

Again, any input is greatly appreciated.

WoW Crash Logs:

PS. I apologize for the way I had to link them, cannot post more than two links because
I am a new forum user.

DxDiag Log:

I should include that I have already tried a fresh install of the game, and the scan and repair feature in the launcher. I have also scrapped all of my addons and UI elements, and am still getting the error. I have also done a clean install of my NVIDIA drivers, all to no avail.

Also, on advice from previous posts, I’m reaching out to NVIDIA as well to see if they are able to do anything for me. Thank you!

Just reached out to NVIDIA, followed all of their steps, and still getting the same error. They had me change or I should say add a TdrDelay and set the value to 8. Also had be run their cleanup tool which wipes all NVIDIA software, and reinstall the driver, version 516.79. Still no luck. I have just updated my bios from F1 to F4a (Gigabyte Gaming X AX DDR4). Will keep updated if that solves the problem.

Seems like I was my own tech support here… Great sound board!

Seems like the bios update has fixed this issue for me… Been able to play for upwards of 2 hours without any issues. Tentative fix? If no other comments, then bios update fixed the problem for me.

Hope this thought board of mine is able to help some others out!

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