Eranikus New PvP Server

Would have been a good option (not required plz don’t shoot) for Grobbulus due to the RP focus but not the others.


Agreed! I didn’t get why they didn’t include that one lone RP server in the list of options.
I would have gone there, TBH. I LOVE RP realms, and play on them exclusively in retail.
I like OB, I do, it’s been a nice new home, but I do love the RP aspect of WoW.

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Careful about this topic. They just closed and deleted my thread about it.


I know… I had a response typed and all :frowning:

Gosh this just keeps getting worse and worse. You can’t even have an open discussion on the forums anymore.


Eh maybe not until they get permission to update the thread about transfers I guess.
But now they did!

Nice they gave a bit of a warning about Sulfuras.

If they don’t want the players to discuss it, it shouldn’t be available for players to view. That’s on them, NOT US. Make the announcement first–> Launch the server.


well this sucks. that is a much cooler server name that skyfury but im almost to lvl 48 and im not asking my friends to move servers with me AGAIN


the difference between this new server and skyfury is that people can transfers their fully geared 70s that are gold capped, so I’d personally much rather stay on skyfury.


Why do people get excited about a fresh transfer server versus a low pop server? If you send n 10,000 transfer locusts to either one, what’s the difference lol?

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Only thing I can think of is names being available on fresh servers.


This basically limits the number of people you can encourage to play the game. If I want my friend to play I have to server transfer which isn’t going to happen.

I can’t xfer my horde off of benediction, what a scam.

would have liked to have known i couldnt use my free boost on eranikus

What free boost?

DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT MOVE TO THIS SERVER IF YOU HAVE ANY PLANS OF BUYING THE BOOST PACK THEY ARE LITERALLY ROBBING PEOPLE BUY NOT TELLING THEM! They let you buy the pack an no where does it say you can’t use the boost on new servers this is false advertising and I hope they get brought down for it my friend now can’t use what he spent money on and it’s gonna take 2+ weeks from contacting someone who will even speak to you to getting the money back this is unacceptable DO NOT LEAVE YOUR SERVERS ITS A TRAP!

They stated its in the process of being resolved

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Yea 6 months after the expansion has started you can use your boost what a great fix

There is a blue post that says you will have to wait 180 days

Wait. We’re you in a guild called genesis on farleina ?