Epoch of Thought [H] (9/9 AQ40) | Non-Worldbuffed Wed/Thu/Sun | 6—10 PM PST

Epoch of Thought [H] (9/9 AQ40)| Non-Worldbuffed
Wed/Thu/Sun | 6—10 PM PST | Whitemane-US

Looking for 1-2 Exceptional priests for core spots and could fit the right mages/shamans into our core roster as well

Take a Shower & Play: We’re recruiting raiders who enjoy dominating without being sweaty!

NA-Horde first full AQ40 Clear; Best Day-1 BWL Execution; Server First all-guild MC clear

TL;DR: Be raid ready, Be team oriented & don’t be an A-hole!

We’ve been doing this since Vanilla: EoT launched in Dec 2004 & became a top Horde guild on Bloodscalp. We were the first guild on Whitemane, first to be clearing raids w/multiple teams & first in NA to clear AQ40 w/out depending on Wbuffs

No world buffs needed We focus on clearing content as it was designed not cheesing it through buff stacking; this means that we do not flask when it is not needed to clear content & will be focused on at least one raid a month with no world buffs allowed. All Progression raids are also non-world buffed

What we Offer: 3 AQ40 Clears, 4 BWL clears, multiple 20 mans every week w/out needing WBuffs

What we expect: Dedicated, skilled, reliable raiders w/ proper gear, consumes, & knowledge

We’re team-focused & divas unconcerned w/ the health of the entire raid team & the overly self-interested are not tolerated

Loot: point-guided, progression-focused Loot Council

Raid Schedule: 3 core raid teams: Wed/Thu/Sun, 6 PM to 10 PM PST, hard stops; MC/BWL on Monday

Late night team: Tues/Fri/Mon 830 PM to 1130 PM

We’re extremely active & 20-mans, Onyxia, etc. are ran on off days

Looking for: All Great people are strongly encouraged to apply; Targeting: top tier Shams, Wars, & Mages

Core raid spots & loot are earned through demonstrated competence, dedication, communication, & reliability & not nepotism

Apply: The best way to join is through discord: htt ps: //discord. gg/ UqAVjJT (remove spaces for link!) & DM JackTBlade#3836, or our GM: Lne#2710 to arrange an interview