Epic BGs now cross faction?

I just got out of an epic BG. A horde pally joined with a friend and I got the message that the BG was now cross faction. I DO NOT want to do AV with horde!!! Needless to say I ended up reporting the guy for foul language after he got mad about me questioning the BG being cross faction. It was not rated, it was just regular AV. I swear I hate horde so much, how dare they ruin my precious AV like this.

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Yeah, I hate winning my games too.


Horde have been able to que with Alliance for a while. It’s called mercenary mode. But Alliance can’t que with Horde. It’s a one way thing. As for the message you got, I honestly think that was someone a player did because they aren’t technically cross faction. Funny thing is Horde have been “ruining your precious AV” for a long time my friend lol.

1.its not a real war.
2. most people play both factions.
3. there are a-holes on both sides.


Ahhh, I love no whinebag ally in my AVs :smiley: Pugs are bad enough.

I think you replied to the wrong person lol.

It’s just merc mode. Calling it “cross-faction” is just how the chatbox shows it.

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So faster ques?!? That’s awesome

Thank you for a logical answer. I know about merc mode. This was my first time seeing it in chat announcement like that and I thought Blizz had pulled a fast one.

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I only just noticed it recently myself. No idea if that’s new or I just wasn’t paying attention.

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Dude, its 2022, who plays only one faction or cares enought to the level of making a tattoo?