Entrance to Eternal Palace

The one sentence I’d describe BFA…


I encountered this problem last night. I hadn’t completed the Nazjatar questline so couldn’t get into the raid entrance.

Fortunately, we had a warlock on hand so I was still able to raid.

So true. Blizzard hit the mark with Legion… an excellent expac on so many levels. Then they decided to dive for the bottom with BFA. An expansion that got almost everything wrong.

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Yeah, it was a while ago. You said, “NEVER,” which isn’t true.

You could not zone into Kara without doing the attunement until it was removed as a requirement in a later patch.

After that the attunement quest was just for the key to open the physical gate.

Just a quick FYI that we are looking into a change for this.


It’s called a “raid attunement”, sonny. Back in my day you had them for almost every raid.

You young whippersnappers have it easy.


They can still enter the actual raid, though - so no, it’s not attunement, really.


On one hand, i guess it is a bother if someone gets invited and they havent done it and have to get kicked because they didnt realize or something, but on the other hand I dont think it hurts players to have an extra step once in a blue moon.


heck Heroic dungeons had restrictions on em before you even got to raids with em.

Isn’t some of the story gated through the follower system?

Pretty sure no one outside of Moonguard’s EP is actually Role Playing…

You would have really hated attunements back in Vanilla and BC then.

What’s that? You need more raiders for EP?

Recruit people and run them through hours of quests chains, then force your whole raid to go back and do Uldir, BoD, and Crucible. Now you can summon them into EP to finally work on progression.

What’s that? They gquit and joined another guild you say? Whelp… do it all over again.

It doesnt even hurt a player that much. You can still be summoned in, afaik.

So this only effected raids that had no summoning.

The update for this should be live btw.


Good thing you weren’t around for attunements then. That’s kinda always been a thing, and you literally just had to do the bare minimum, which is complete the Nazjatar story. Sounds like a you problem.


The fix being? I can’t get in.

It starts pulling you down, but then you get teleported out on top of an elite and die.

I accidentally found my way into it in the firet couple days by swimming into a deep pool up in that area. I got some UI warning to turn around or bad things will happen. Turns out the bad thing was being ported to the summon stone for the palace.

That was hotfixed sadly.

It might be an unpopular opinion, but I’d be alright with attunement if the Bodyguards could be leveled to the requisite level in a single day as a catch-up mechanic. I just don’t like time-gating for the sake of time-gating, though I can understand the need for it at times.

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