Entrance to Eternal Palace

So it appears if you haven’t completed the questline in Nazjatar you cannot jump in the whirlpool to get to the raid entrance. Only way there is to be summoned. So if you have a guild or group and two people haven’t made it that far, you can’t raid. That is some poor game design right there.


It only seems like poor game design if you consider the world as just a lobby to set up for raids and pvp.


It’s poor design because a lot of my guild took a summer break and came back for the raid but can’t raid if 2 of the 3 of us with the questline done can’t make it. That is poor design.


So in order to progress the story, you need to progress the story?


Isn’t it though?

It really shouldn’t be. It’s one of the reasons I always end up quitting the game.


I just feel like the world content hasn’t been good, with a few exceptions, since WoD launched.

The instanced content remains fairly solid though.

the exp-ing up of followers was bit of a gate.
not very clever.
cant rush that in a day.
Could at least rush catch up through the isle stuff…

Maybe an extra week or two delay on the raid. but thats dumb too.

oh dear.

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Story? Really? The biggest hurdle for this is repeatable dailies that have nothing to do with the story.

Call it what it is- boring time gating.


Also very alt unfriendly. Say you did one toon through Naz but your guild needed a different toon for the raid, or you wanted to swap. Now you can’t get there. It’s one thing to gate it with something like the Nazjatar intro quest, something totally different to gate it off with a week long quest grind.


Help the others complete the quest line. That is how you solve the problem. This aspect of the game design is fine.


You can’t. It’s an almost week long rep grind quest for the followers. It’s not the difficulty it’s the time and how it blocks off the raid which isn’t ok.


Idk I always thought idea of attunement was cool. It’s just not referred to that anymore. It’s not nearly as tough as it used to be.


Hunt the large Coral Ancients with your guild. It will help them progress faster.

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Can’t help players level up their followers. 3000 xp (combined) required to unlock the last leg of the quest chain, and even though you can get upwards of 550xp (I think) on a perfect day, usually you’ll only get 300xp per day. That’s a time-gate you can’t avoid, and having missed it the first 10 days of the patch prior to raid, means you won’t be raiding until more players put the time in.

Attunements were better than this … that’s saying something.


You mentioned the solution to this “problem” in your own post. Get two people who weren’t lazy and actually did the quests to summon others at the stone down at the end of the whirlpool.

Most of the time, people refuse to actually go to the raid/dungeon entrance and just sit in the city asking for a summon anyway, so it doesn’t seem like this is any different than normal.


Raids reset weekly so you can just help the others after you pug the raid that week. Make it a team building experience.


And what happens when 2 of the 3 of us can’t make it? Whole group doesn’t raid. I was at the stone last night at 8 eastern and only 4 people were there. They have always been super crowded on opening night.


Well, guess someone else in your group should have been doing the dailies in the meantime. It takes 2 resets at most if literally all you do is the 3 follower quests per day.


You cant summon someone from the summoning stone with 2 party members? Seems stupid if that’s the case.

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