Enraged affix and fleeing mobs

Can we remove fleeing please? Or at least apply a little common sense and have the mobs that are fleeing not also be enraged? Its nonsensical and contradictory.


enraged mobs flee all the time. they enrage and flee at different health values.

the Orcs in Redridge Mountains come to mind as example.


He means fleeing mobs while affected by the Raging affix, which makes them immune to all cc and slows. Which is kinda lame.


yeah it makes no sense…how can you be super angry and scared at the same time?? :grimacing:


In fact, Curse of Recklessness used to have the added effect where it would prevent mobs from fleeing, for essentially that same flavour/“logic”.

I duno, if Mike Tyson slapped an ice cream cone out of my hand it would piss me off, but I would definitely run from him. Lol


I am honestly surprised Raging got a full pass this entire week because people were too busy crying about Afflicted which is 1000x easier to deal with than Raging + Fixate/Flee.

That’s probably because reworked Raging already had a week where people have played against it, and a week of feedback given about it.

This is the first week that people are dealing with Afflicted aside from the PTR, where a lot of current issues were highlighted, and just ignored.

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Oh look the well ackchyually guy is back.

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Where has it been worked on this week? Raging making trash CC/Stun/Slow immune is significantly more impactful and devastating than Afflicted is. What % of players do you think actually experienced it in PTR? That’s a bogus argument.


Oh boy 8am rip threads

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Yeah, this straight up ruins Brackenhide Hollow


I didn’t say anything about PTR for Raging. I said that Raging already had a week where people have played against it, during which people did discuss it, and post feedback about it. Week 1 of this Season was Tyrannical-Storming-Raging.

So people only complained about Explosive, Inspired, and Necrotic the first week it was out?

Tyrannical+Raging is much less of an issue, plus week one people were still learning the dungeon itself and not pushing keys as high.

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Of course not, and I expect this won’t be the last time/week someone mentions Raging either. But it is at least somewhat understandable that people are more focused on Afflicted and the issues with it, during the very first week that they are ever seeing it and playing with it.

People are crying about afflicted because their class doesn’t get to play on afflicted week, which is a reasonable complaint IMO.

they remain vulnerable to pain…

The bigger picture here is that it feels bad when you have no way to deal with a situation. And I don’t buy the argument that you can just bring a de-enrage.

5 man dungeons suffer from what 10 man raids used to suffer from. You won’t always have the utilities you need. But they can design mechanics to not get unique utility or be much more manageable without it.

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I remember when I was leveling an alt, thinking how terrible the fleeing mobs and mind controls were, and how I was so glad they were gone. Then they brought them both back at the same time. Luckily they’ve done away with the mind controls again, but the fleeing is still terrible and should be put back in the past where it belongs.