"Enjoy the ride" or "get 60 and start the REAL game"?

So yeah… Title.
I’ve been looking for guides on what sort of stuff I CAN and/or SHOULD be doing while I level, but they are ALL about the best places to PUSH max HARD grinding mobs only.

This being my first real time playing WoW, I sort of want to enjoy the content a little, but at the same time I get the feeling most of the game is after I hit max?

Sorry for being a noob, but, well; am’s noob.

Thanks again!



If this is your first time playing wow, you absolutely should enjoy the ride. The thing about classic is, while there’s a lot of focus on the end game in guides because most of the player base is already at max level, that, unlike retail, leveling is an adventure and you should enjoy it as such. Take your time, enjoy all the zones, the quests and the characters you meet along the way. Don’t worry too much about guides until you get close to max level.

In fact, I would go so far as to say your first time playing the only guide you should look at, at least at this stage, is one which tells you which zones are appropriate for which level just so you know where to go. If you get stuck on a particular quest, don’t be afraid to look up what to do, but don’t proactively ruin the adventure of classic by structuring your play style around what guides tell you is going to be good.

After you’ve leveled a character or two to sixty, the adventure loses it’s charm the third or fourth time around and then you may want to zerg to 60, but take your time and enjoy your first character.


It really depends upon your goals and what you want out of the game. For me, it’s community and the relationships among our Tribe and the wider community.

I’ll always advise to enjoy the ride. While being 60 means you can go about anywhere at anytime, (as cliche as it sounds) it really is the journey.

In Thunderhoof we have folks who have been playing for many months who have not capped yet, and they enjoy the game quite a bit. I took my time and averaged about 10 levels a month (took me 6 months-lol).


Rommash is confused. Cant Saiko do both?



Hey Saikodiewell,

Like Aovi said, its more about the relationships you make and fun you have throughout the journey. Find some good people (easy to do on DD), set your own pace, and explore, explore, explore.

Your first leveling experience in Classic should excite you, and leave you wanting to try it again with a different race/class/build. It may grow stale down the road, but now is not the time to worry over whether you’re doing anything “optimally”.

Best wishes!


I was curious about this as well, I am currently level 21 (not sure as to why it still shows 13) and I have to say the leveling experience thus far has been grand, exploring the areas, albeit stumbling into zones far beyond my level and getting obliterated by a mob that aggros from the other side of the zone, all in all it has been a good time.

Being said, I feel that I have metaphorically ‘missed the boat’
zones are near empty of life, trying to get a group for those pesky dungeon and elite quests has proven to be an impossible task.
But at the same time, I have had nothing but a great time doing it :smiley:


Greetings from Deviant Delight, Saikodiewell and Claddeus, and Welcome! I too began my WoW experience not too long ago in Azeroth and am still learning much. Indeed, it took Jonnis almost 18 days of play time to reach his level!

I must warn you, now is a rough time to level though. There is a realm wide event in Silithus, a dark, nasty area in the far southern reaches of Kalimdor that is taking all of our time. This is why finding groups below level 60, and indeed even at max level, is a bit more challenging. We have new players in our guild who we try to help when we can, but even so it is not as easy.

I love leveling, and highly, highly recommend exploring the quests and traveling the world (although it will be difficult to not do one without the other!) It will take a long time for your play time at level 60 to match your leveling time; enjoy it! Otherwise WoW Classic might not be much fun.

As Calvorican mentioned, this server has some fantastic characters. Names known and respected by Horde and Alliance alike; it is exploring and learning and enjoying your time in Azeroth with these players that makes this game so fantastic and for your first leveling experience I would encourage that approach.

Lastly, I would just recommend a little patience with the group forming for a week or two with the War Effort in Sillithus going on. Welcome aboard!

Claddeus, if I come across you in my travels and…umm…try to take a bite of you please forgive me. Paladin’s taste the best, their righteousness and holy light gives their flesh a burning, tingly taste ; )

Embrace the Shadow



All who talk about relationships in this game have a point. MMOs are by nature, extremely social games and building friendships now can open doors later. Take your time leveling, if this is your first toon in Classic. Leveling here is a journey, not merely a tutorial like it is in retail.

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Crap, sorry for the necro…

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I took my time, and read most of the quests and tried to explore every corner of each zone. Finding rare spawns or cool vantage points for a screenshot along the way. I think herbalism or mining really adds to this playstyle, as you are rewarded more often for venturing than just running into an occasional chest.

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