Enhancement Shaman PTR Changes

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Let’s keep this thread going. I refuse to just give up.

While we’re happy that talents are being looked at, many players are left with a sour taste given how late these changes have come. The final month of the BfA Beta cycle included mostly numerical adjustments for other specializations so there is no reason for such simplistic updates to be delayed for 4 months when they could have just been hotfixed. Statements from Blizzard in pre-launch Q&A segments indicated that Enhancement would require more focused attention than could be provided between patches. However, the 8.1 patch will include a wave of tuning changes – that look like they could’ve been hotfixed at launch – coupled with nothing that gives the impression that time was spent developing solutions for the specialization’s mechanical issues. This implies that Enhancement simply wasn’t a priority for this patch cycle and our underlying issues are likely to remain untouched at least until the next expansion.

Sure would be nice to hear a Blue’s thoughts on the above.

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You won’t, if they were going to respond it would have been many weeks ago. They’re pulling “The Ostrich”, they’ve buried their heads in the sand so deep they can no longer hear us, eventually we’ll go away and quit bothering them and it will be safe for them to poke their heads back up.

The last month has been a PR nuclear disaster.

Lore called us all d***bags on his personal twitter nuke, blizzcon had multiple nukes go off with comments like “you own mobile devices don’t you” by lead developers, every time they open their mouth they somehow manage to fit ANOTHER shoe inside it.

They literally can’t say anything right now without it being another PR disaster nuke going off tanking their stock prices and fueling the player exodus away from their games so they’ve just gone completely silent. I would love to be a fly on the wall at blizz HQ right now, I can imagine it being a total poo-show with people yelling and throwing stuff all red-in-the-face and everyone looking around for their “safe spaces” they kept talking about during blizzcon…

If they had ANYTHING of value to share with us they would have already, their house is in shambles, they have a new CEO, a hostile takeover by Activision that was bound to happen eventually, the CFO is strangling development by cutting their budget, decline is imminent when you create that sort of environment.

They should build a mock graveyard near the orc statue at the entrance because the old Blizzard is DEAD.

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Brought to life by gamers, killed by the accounting team.

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I don’t play a shaman but I’ll give you this personal guarantee… Shaman will suck in 8.1

How do I know this? Because shaman always suck. They haven’t had their time in the sun and probably never will.


but hey, look at all these interviews working their way out of the woodwork… same as last round of bad player reactions after BFA launch.

Get them talking about how we’re stringing them along in a bad story instead of noticing the poor class design and failed grand schemes

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I’m moving on, might be back in 8.2 but probably on my Warlock. Blizzard still got my money though so I guess the joke’s on me, I bought Diablo 3 on the Friday sale, and the last expansion of Starcraft 2. Good luck, and hopefully Blizzard will start communicating instead of apologizing for not.

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So nice of them to talk to the press instead of their player base, no?


Bc the other class is a WW monk 8(

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we cant have that now, NERF IT!!!


Blizzard, the shaman community has provided plenty of constructive feedback. Do the right thing and interact with your customers like you have in many other cases in other parts of the community.

It is clear that there is a huge disconnect between your Shaman playerbase and designers, which extends far beyond any semblance of a “we know what our customers want” type of argument.

In any other industry, the lack of feedback for this extended period of time would have some sort of repercussions for a company. Even if you aren’t losing customers, is that what it would take to have some level of interaction with a class/spec that feels like it has been completely ignored since beta?

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blizz has gotten lazy was hoping they help out shamans all specs but that is not going to happen… i guess ill reroll to range class what class idk boomy maybe feeling some type of way…

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Blizzard likes to nerf things then forget that they nerf things because they have no clue who does what and why they did it in the first place

Most every pvp change to enhance was reactionary and without forethought

If enhance hadn’t been in blizzcon because of OP pvp talents that all could be used at once BUT previously were on different tiers the expansion before (static cling, ride the lightning, forked lightning)

then they never would have nerfed their healing and mana regen because enhance would never have made it to the tournament.

They literally didn’t make any changes to the spec before BFA came out and didn’t realize that their lack of changes actually made it OP because they left so much behind from the previous expansion.

Then instead of working on the design they just nerf or remove all the op talents left over from legion , nerf mana regen, nerf off healing, nerf overall damage.

They are absolutely clueless and have no f-ing idea of what they are doing.

It’s very frustrating. I personally feel they took a lot of utility that enhancement shamans had and spread it out to other classes, the uniqueness of enhance has been diluted and the spec has been all but forgotten.

Its obvious they have given little thought into the spec especially since most of what made it over powered was from the previous expansion.

I wish they would take a look again at the spec as its not even competitive now


You do realize the part of that post you quoted meant that the changes didn’t impact Shaman’s damage negatively at all, right? It was just a change in the way the damage was calculated for tooltips, the values all remained the same.

Follow-up question: why is it always PvPers that cry the hardest about balance changes?

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Ive given time to the changes and it’s obvious it did significantly affect enhance shaman damage output.

Enhance shamans are non-existent right now. The highest rated enhance in arena is 2200 and the rest of the shamans (ele/resto) are 2750+

Enhance damage and utility was gutted to the point no one can play it at high ratings. Therefore the simple conclusion is; is that it was over nerfed

Answer to your question; most pvpers understand class mechanics better than pve players and how significant small Changes affect pvp significantly while pve players never notice because they are fighting npcs that don’t know any better


Current sims put enhancement immediately behind elemental, the gap is almost non-existent. Popularity of a class has almost nothing to do with actual numbers. I can’t speak to why they’re unpopular in PvP but in PvE they fill a similar role to Demon Hunter and Rogue and both those classes bring unique utility and survival tools enhance doesn’t have (cloak/netherwalk, shroud/magic buff, etc). Numerically, your class is fine. If you want to pretend PvPers have some kind of special insight into the game to stroke your own ego, go for it.


Just give up. Every class has this issue, but for DPS shamans it’s probably the worst of all. Reroll FOTM or unsub. Those are your choices if you want to do any serious raiding or PvP in BFA.

It’s not worth your time to post here. Blizzard DOES NOT care what players think about the classes and they haven’t since Ion took over.


Im so happy a class doing better than dks is getting buffs while dks still have none. Thank you blizzard.

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You guys have FoTM Blood tank to fall back on so apparently its OK for your other specs, even needing changes, to not get them. Sounds like the Blizz philosophy.