Enhancement Shaman PTR Changes

(Dlux) #281
Isn't it interesting that people seem to want to know more than anything else, why it took Blizzard this many months to implement what amounts to a numbers tuning hotfix?

We were essentially told that Shaman were unfinished upon the release of BfA and that what would amount to significantly more than a mere hotfix (numbers/tuning) couldn't be done until a major content patch (i.e. 8.1)... and now in 8.1 we get a numbers tuning hotfix that could have been implemented months ago.

It would be greatly appreciated if we could get a response and some clarification. It's quite clear that the community would be extremely grateful. Please?

(Turbocharged) #282

Id really like to see a move to more support type talents in every row. Not every single talent, but one in each roll. I would love to have some actual “enhancement” abilities for group support like we used to. Im probably in the minority for something like this but I have to admit, I loved playing shaman and dropping the older support totems. I think we are way to far gone to be able to do anything like that anymore but it would be great to have a totem for Windfury, Cleansing, Windrush, etc. again. At least it would give us something groups might want.

(Suhuy) #283

I’m hoping now that the forums have migrated we’ll see some response to the feedback. enhance but doesn’t enhance anything.

(Turbocharged) #284

With the holiday week next week and us already at Friday, I dont think we are going to see any other changes or followup responses from Blizz. If we scrap next week due to the holiday, theres only two full weeks to update the PTR and TEST any new changes before the 12/11 release of 8.1.

There just isnt enough time to do that for pure mechanic changes. If there really were actual mechanic changes coming like we were told there would be for 8.1, they would have said something when they posted about the newest numbers tunings. The newest changes we got dont need to be tested. They can be simmed pretty easily and quickly (as they already have been) to determine optimal output.

(Sieten) #285

There’s no way we’ll get mechanic changes AND test them in only two weeks. Right?

(Turbocharged) #286

No. I dont think its possible.

(Sieten) #287

I dedicate this to every single one of my Shaman brothers and sisters.
You fought well, you did your best, but winning was never an option.

(Rakruwah) #288

they just keep letting us down letting us down letting us down

(Morteth) #289

cries That was beautiful


Blizzard, you suck.

Fix my favourite class damnit.

It should be fun, synergistic and fast. The reasons I stared playing enhance.

Instead it is slow and clunky and nothing really works together.

(Thalerion) #291

RIP Enhance

RIP Ion’s Promise

However, no one should have believed Mr. Blizzard in the first place.

(Astrae) #292

It’s nice to know that at least one of us optimistic. I have zero that Blizz will ever respond to this thread, let alone spend more than 5 minutes thinking about the class.

I used to just think that Blizzard doesn’t care about Shamans, but now I’m wondering if they even care about the game anymore.

(Sieten) #293

They probably just want it to keep losing players until they shut down and open up something else to milk money.
Look, OW costs so much less and they don’t have to develop in an old language AAAAAAAAAND
R34, so much R34 giving them money, all those D.Va “Cosplays” sold, all those Mercy “Cosplays” sold.

(Spotti) #294

Wish Blizzard would refund my boosts since;
Legion Boost used on this Shaman, was basically bad for the whole expansion give or take a few months.

And the Fury Warrior I wanted to main, well I knew the stat squish would change things but when I had my legendaries for speed on, paired with high haste %… he felt like a real fury warrior I pictured in my head. At 120. That changed quickly.

I feel they simply are bad at Class Design and balance. They should either adapt a different approach or quit trying to further gut every class. Since we all know by now Azerite won’t fill the void that every spec has.

(Favi) #295

Development following the financial quarter and before the holidays, you’re beyond the hands of the financial business interest and in hands of one pressured by thoughts of time away.

It’s not the worst, but even the management of a herd of cats suffers dramatically.

(Ratfink) #296

The posts Nimox made in here no longer show as Blue posts, weird.

(Turbocharged) #297

I was hoping there would be something released today regarding mechanics changes but nothing. If it were me, Id release something this week due to the long US holiday weekend where a lot of people may be off and could test PTR but knowing it is the holiday week, we wont see a thing.

My sub is out in 24 hours. This is the first time ever, since I started playing at live, I will not renew due to mismanagement of classes and the over all feel of the game.

The shaman community is great and has always been so. I appreciate everything you guys have done over the years even if it feels like we get crapped on often. If we get some mechanic changes after my sub expires, I might be back. Good luck to everyone. Maybe we’ll see something tomorrow.

(Mirrass) #298

Shouting into the wind at this point I know, but Blizz please before you all leave for holiday talk to us on this.

I am afraid if we don’t hear back before holiday break we will never get a satisfying result as we will be rolling out patch 8.1 and be told there isn’t enough time and to wait for a major content patch AGAIN.

Why did we wait this long for number tuning?
How can you justify this in relation to what Ion told us towards the end of beta? Did he misspeak and a rework was never planned?
Do you somehow think that enhancement is working fine and only needed balancing? That the whole shaman community is overreacting and being toxic memers? (What else are we to do we can’t seem to get feedback when we ask polity, throw temper tantrums, or attempt to make massive reddit and twitter threads.)
In a more general sense honestly why did any of the 3 classes directly mentioned need to wait since beta to get what they received in 8.1. Near as I can tell Elemental shamans wanted you to go further than the numbers and minor talent/ ability rework. Even more ignorant on the spriest side but I have heard enough rumbling to assume they were hoping for more as well. I can guarantee Enhancement were wanting more. Do we just have a logical disconnect between how the community understands the word rework and the developers?

Do you honestly think on the development side that we won’t be back to the exact same state within a week of the patch landing that we are in now? A new cookie cutter talent build because they are all STILL mostly boring passive things that just get mathed out to who does the most damage in X scenario. We will still be limited by praying for RNG streaks as there is still no safety net to keep us doing damage if our god of luck of choice hates us that night. We still bring nothing truly useful or impactful to the raid or group.

Why are so many abilites that were once core parts of being an enhancement shaman or a shaman in general locked behind talent choices?

What exactly identity wise are enhancement shamans? Are we buffers cause we lost all of that years ago. Are we self enhancing ourselves to do things because some of the abilities say we are but rotation-ally we don’t feel like we are. So that leaves me with how we feel rotationally, weird electrocuted slot machine shaped like a warrior. I keep up 1 self buff every 15 or so seconds, spam a builder and put a drinky bird on the one button that does damage. Once in a blue moon I get really sparky and hit the ow button for 15 secs straight and everyone laughs how I finally procced.

An overall suggestion might it not be in our best intrest in the intent of improving player to developer communication to have some access to said developers not filtered through a forum, angry ranty posts, and a CM trying to transfer the message. I am not saying something that will leave the developers swinging in the breeze to get tore up but maybe a moderated thing every Friday say. Tonight on wowdevs twitch we have the fury warrior team lead hanging out with I dunno Lore of some other CM. They shoot the breeze for a bit maybe answer some more in depth questions from players than Ion can answer. Or have some of the community leaders from the class discord sit down and have a discussion of the class with said developer what works, what doesn’t, hopes for future development, hair brained ideas, etc.

I hope I have not been too rude or rambly as some of this has been building for a while as the feeling of being left swinging in the breeze again as a class has built up. Thank you for your time if anyone is reading and considering the feedback, concerns, and built up frustrations that have poured out in this thread.


Been playing since launch, mained 5 different classes at different times. In all that time, I have never felt the need to complain on the forums. Here I am, finally, to end that streak. Any specific criticism I could add has already been said better by someone else, so I will just say: please class devs, don’t let this be it. Please don’t focus on the hyperbole and bitterness of this class community and overlook our very real concerns. We don’t need to be the biggest and baddest in all situations, forever. We don’t need to have raid required utility, like some classes seem to get. All any of us want is to be as good as the competition, and still be able to have fun blasting people with wind, fire, lightning and ice.

(Matsujin) #300

I’ve played my shaman for a really long time and I’ve never come as close to giving him up as I am right now. It just isn’t fun, doesn’t feel fun.

Maybe fury warrior? That’s kinda fun, right?

Protip: I don’t want to change classes.

EDIT: I mean, if this is it, if these changes are all you have planned for this spec, can you please let us know?