Enhance Your Gameplay: More Accessibility Updates Available

Enhance Your Gameplay: More Accessibility Updates Available

New accessibility updates allow you to further enrich your gameplay in World of Warcraft. Check them out!

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Lol rip healbot? But thank you for cursor scaling i can never find it

Update my cursor is now the size of my character. Awwww yeaaaaaa


Is it just me, or is another link not working?

Edit: Seems to be working now.

I’m assuming ele nerfs are in here?


More clique and mouseover macros, but honestly it’s about time this was natively supported.


Doesn’t work for me either.

nice, glad to hear about these changes. thank you!


I can get rid of healbot now?


Try again, it seems to be working now.

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I get a 500 error.

YESS! thank you!! now I can finally delete some addons for my mouseover spell casts. Now just add an in-game dps/heal meter like details pretty please. :smiley:

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That’s exactly what I was getting. See if clicking this one helps.

Isn’t this stuff that should’ve been in the game 300 years ago? Literally every healer has had to create mouse over macros/use an addon to be able to effectively heal.

Thanks though.

If you wouldn’t mind it’d also be great to have the target reticule be more… visible. It’s hard to tell what you’re targeting in a pack of mobs.

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Can you please add a dps/heal meter in the default game? The less addons we need, the better. :pray:


VuhDo is still superior to the default raidframes. This just means that you won’t have to configure your mouseover spells in VuhDo.


Good update. Glad y’all working on your base UI a bit.

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Addons will ALWAYS do these functions better. Always.


1 - This is a good addition

2 - IDK if it’s going to function better/as-good-as what I have now. Can I bind all my keys and combinations or just click and shift/alt/ctrl click?

Whoah, these are some pretty awesome changes!

Ah finally, something to increase this cursor size.