Enh Shaman July 26 hotfix seems not applied properly

Yeah, thread title had me rechecking the date. :dracthyr_sweat:

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changed the title :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s still wrong


I tested in arena. healing surge does the same as chain heal

Mm nope that’s not it either

I’ll give you a hint. It wasn’t the day that was wrong last edit

Insanely desperate for attn

how are you stuck at 2k as ele?

Crazy how I wasn’t even talking about you but if the shoe fits I guess


h ttps://ibb.co/LpvxgJx

How did you tank 400cr as enhance

for me to know and for you to NEVER find out.

i switched from lava lash to doomwinds build lol.

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Very heroic of you to experiment on your only char. :dracthyr_sweat: I always test stuff on alts.

i got nothing to lose. everyone already hates me. who cares if they think i’m bad lol?

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Healing surge supposed to do 75% more than Chain heal’s first hit mathematically. but those two do almost the same healing

Check out this banger

Idk about Enhance, but hit 240k without skyfury as ele

back to back so it wasnt buffed by master of the elements either

ele healing surge does just as much as its tooltip says like 90k without any mod buff in pvp.

oh my b, i understand what you’re saying now.

earth shield feels significantly reduced are you experiencing that as well?

the bluepost wording was weird it was reduced by 60% (down from 70%) phrased as a 10% earth shield buff (??)

but it feels like it was nerfed by like 30%
no real numbers just extremely low averages/highs compared to last week

you got trolled by blizz

ES pvp mod is -30% → -40%

this is the newest hotfix note

[With weekly restarts] Earth Shield healing is now reduced by 40% in PvP combat (was 30%).

interesting, thanks

feels bad

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we’re getting scammed. They should refund muscels cr loss