Engineering in dungeons/raids

Can you please allow explosives and other engineering items in dungeons/raids on the same (or same principal) as alchemy potions. As well as come up with some other things that dont require engineering to use (instructions included)

I thought it would be cool if they made the bombs share a cooldown with potions, and made them the instant damage and/or AOE option. For example, potions might be best to pop if you’re lusting on the pull and getting a full 40 second benefit from burning a boss, but maybe bombs could be better for nuking down a troublesome set of adds or bursting through a shield. It would certainly give engineering some better moneymaking potential outside of toys.

I wish they’d allow glide in dungeon and raid again. Some parts are a long run with virtually nothing like the down ramp from the starting area of Ahn’kahet: The Old Kingdom in WotLK

If they removed glide being some players found an exploit like going underworld or skipping to first boss, this old raid isn’t really exploitable anyway. Maybe allow gliding only in non-current expansion so players running solo can skip trash and get somewhere quicker?