Enchanter's Illusion - Glorious Tyranny

Please add s12 and s13 to the existing achievement requirement to purchase this illusion.
I have the actual enchant from s12 and s13, but cannot unlock it because I didnt play s14/15.

Please fix this blizz!

They already let players below the original threshold have it when they included Duelist/Hero in S14, which was below 2200…
What they need to do is let people with Marshal/General or Three’s Company 2200 achieves from these seasons be able to purchase the perma Illusion scroll. I’ve opened many tickets and commented many times over the years… Technical limitations with how achieves and transmog used to work, that were fixed MUCH later? Even if illusion could be restored via individual ticket, we are not talking about THAT Many people… top few % of the PvP population in MoP. Duelist range as always been top 5-3%… We’ve been waiting for 8 years lmao