Employee Alpha Testing for WoW Classic

(Calciumplus) #4

So how do I apply for a temporary position at Blizzard. Perhaps an opening exists for an Australian ambassador? :slight_smile:

(Cheater) #5

RIP beta :black_small_square:


Employee Alpha?

So how you liking it Bornakk? :grin:

Also thanks for the update prior to the weekend!


Summer sounding more and more correct.

(Nikaas) #8

Screenshot or it didn’t happen!

I hope you understand I can’t believe every random stranger that tells me he is already playing and I’m not.

(Calciumplus) #9

I reckon you need someone to keep an ongoing thread going of all the milestones – however small.

*Fixed a bug with Old Blanchy’s quest not completing properly.

*Level 3 Aimed Shot now does correct damage.

I need my ClassicCrack! The wait is figuratively killing me!


Well, this certainly does explain what the Beta build on the CDN was for.

Hopefully this extends to the rest of us soon™. :slight_smile:


Release date plx


Welp… that settles that!


This is the most telling thing about the post. Wonder how recently this was started.

Maybe people will shift back their release date expectations.


REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE give us open beta froths at mouth GIVES US IT


Whoa! Late friday night update



Telling us closed alpha testing is happening is a bonus Bornakk. Thank you for letting us know its moving along!!!

(Cheater) #17

Tbh I don’t know why they don’t do this. It would keep us all completely mystified.


I just want my Classic :frowning:


AHHHHHH I still hope its in early summer or its gonna not be a Classic summerTM

(Mogar) #20

Bornakk, I’m pretty sure we’re long lost cousins. Just sayin…


Gonna be a Classic Winter for me :wink:

(Mini) #22

All we needed/wanted to know!

Later than what I personally would of liked but ill attribute that to being in game :sunglasses:


Southern hemisphere weirdo’s :wink: