Emerald Dream Druid Marks Need to be Made 100% Drop Rate

Let’s be real. It’s 2023. It is not “Fun and Engaging” gameplay to camp the same rare for weeks/months on end chasing the (according to wowhead) 2% drop rate. Especially when these rares can be burst down in literal seconds by anyone who doesn’t want to call it out and wait for people to arrive.

Especially when it’s something as big and impactful for players like a druid form.

Please increase these marks to a 100% drop rate.


Agreed, it feels like every time I log in and fly by the rare I want/need for a specific look is down and given I don’t know when it was killed I dunno how long I am going to have to camp. Sometimes I’ll fly just next door into another cave (Like from Keevah over to the slothful bear bristlebruin) and it’ll be dead by the time I get back and, I KNOW that Keevah is down for 3 hours, or is one that’s on a weird alternating timer, because I’ve camped it for 3 hours with a horde buddy and we spent the time playing with all our toys.

It’s maddening when we just want a shapeshift color that it isn’t 100%. Different if we were looking for a nice loot upgrade, but a skin color does nothing but provide fantasy.


I try to always call out and wait. Oddly enough, they only time i have gotten marks from the rares is when there are no other druids around, just other classes. Probably just coincidence, but still strange. So far, the only one i still need is Moragh


Agreed. It’s just awful of Blizzard to this.


If I’m camping rares I’ve been setting map markers up ahead of time for when it spawns and when I call it out I also tell people to please be polite and give everyone time to get here. For the most part, people have come and waited at least a couple minutes and usually wait for me to then call out that we’re pulling it.

But there’s always a few people who think they have to get an orange parse on a rare spawn. :roll_eyes:

I’ve been saying it for a long time, Blizzard, and I’ve been more vocal about it since Brewfest and my very noticeable lack of a keg-related saddle: Stop with the stupid, low drop-rate RNG crap for freaking cosmetics and JUST LET US HAVE THE PRETTY THINGS!

Gatekeeping appearances, mounts, pets, etc. is an outdated way of doing things when the people who want to lord over others about having something can point to the Achievement or Feat of Strength they have that says, “I DID THIS WHEN IT WAS CURRENT AND HARD SO I’M MORE SPECIAL!”


Always fun when there’s not a single drop in a 40 man raid group.

This happened again with Mosa Umbramane right after this Keen-Eyed Cian kill.

The drop rate needs to be 100%, period.


But is this a bug though?

Sure it bugs you but that is different.


I created my own thread about this very thing.

No, it isn’t a bug, it’s intentionally malicious at this point to put something like a druid form and really any cosmetic tagged item behind what feels like a .02 drop chance. I know it isn’t that low, but damn does it feel like it. Especially when you have to wait daily for the normal forms, weekly for the world boss, and probably several expansions for the mythic form that’ll be locked at a .2% drop rate after Dragonflight ends.


You’re a real one, but that’s rare. I call them out if they are rare, form or no form with them. But I give a 5 minute pull timer to allow people to get there on form rares. I saw someone fly to a rare, seeing me hovering and waiting, and nuke it before I could get onto the ground to tag it and didn’t have the decency to say ‘hey about to hit it if you wanna tag it first’. Like, people are ashholes, and couldn’t care less if I get slapped for typing that.


Agree. just did the new world boss, and he only dropped crests for the druids. every other class got a piece of gear


I wouldn’t even be mad if the druid form was locked behind a drop chance on heroic, then at least some of us might have a chance. As it stands, there’ll be maybe two on the whole of Trollbane that have the mythic form, and even then… Meh.

Putting it on heroic sees a heck of a lot more replayability.

Not everything in life needs to be guaranteed instantly obtainable. Some things need to be rare, and others common.


We have 6 druids on two separate accounts. Ran all six, managed 2 neck pieces, and haven’t seen the form drop once for anyone in these 40 man groups. It’s shear stupidity to say the absolute least. The mage tower form is almost impossible to obtain, even at level 70 and geared at 441 plus, and now this is no better because the drop rate flat stinks. It’s an issue that needs to be addressed for sure.


Almost always. My family has 6 Druids. Two have been fortunate to get a neck piece. Outside that, garbage. So we all wait in hopes one of us will get the form next week. The drop rate is past stupid.

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Try planting blue and purple seeds in the zone, I got 2 forms in 5 seeds one night just roaming around with my buddy.


I don’t need 100% drop. But if the chance to get loot is always only once a day, the respawn time should be 30 minutes.

I always call out the spawn, but I get why people don’t - when other people are out enjoying themselves and you’re stuck in a cave doing nothing for hours it doesn’t seem fair.

Adding this, I hope it helps someone out there.
The best spawn timer is Ristar the Rabid: 20 to 30 minutes.
Moragh the Slothful: 1.5 to 2+ hours.
Mosa Umbramane: 2.5 hours.
Keevah: 2 - 2.5 hours
Most painful one - Keen Eyed Cian 3 hours or more for me.

Both Dreamtalons you have to camp the spot, they die so fast you won’t get back in time.


or at least perhaps an “anti-bad luck” thing where after each failed attempt, the chance increases substantially (so if you tried say 50 times and didn’t get it, the next chance would be 75% then 100%) because I too have sat around one spot for hours doing nothing, fearing I’d miss a chance.

I usually wait for others to show up UNLESS (and just in this one case) if it spawns on top of me and I’m in a battle. Usually don’t have time to type anything as I’m trying not to die from it.


4 Druids, a death knight, a warrior, and a rogue spread throughout three servers-no armor, no forms, no mounts-this screams bug/incompetence.

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The most painful one is actually Talthonei, because you can’t just afk and watch netflix, you have to actually participate and kill enemies for sometimes up to 2 hours straight to get him to spawn.

That being said, I disagree with them needing to be 100%. Just like mounts and toys, some things should be rarer than others. I only need the Runebear and the Firebird now, but I liked that I had to go out and earn them. I just afk’d with rare scanner while working and it felt so much more rewarding than just being given it for free.

I liken it to Shiny Pokemon. A shiny that I find in the wild with odds of 1/4000 is always going to be way more special to me than the pokemon company just giving me one for a free event.

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I started another thread about this specific to the Dreamsaber, but I actually agree that all the marks should have their drop-rate improved.