Emerald Dream content is nice

… but there are things I had hoped would come with the patch.

I’m going to list a few ideas of what else could be done in terms of aesthetics.

More Spell Effects

Would’ve been nice if there new spell appearances. Maybe a glade or something that teaches you that spell effect/glyph. Sun stuff just doesn’t feel very druidic to me, so Dream-themed feels like a good alternative. Here are some:

  1. The old Wrath, the greenish one from Vanilla, at least, or an update.
  2. Insect Swarm instead of Sunfire.
  3. Solar Beam as Dream Surge.
  4. Eclipses could be changed from Sun/Moon to Moon/Dream. Sun/Dream, for those who like it. The idea is to convert the system into “Balance” and have two opposing forces as themes. If Undead druids are coming, they could be based off Life and Death, tapping into these powers through rot (or something).

Moonkin Form

Customization was great. Still, I’m not much of a fan of this form.

  1. Harpy Form. Purely aesthitics. Maybe as an alternative to MKF as an “Evoker Form”. Faster, restricted range but can cast on the move while hovering.
  2. Dryad/KotG. Same as above, aesthetics only or a 2nd option to MF.
  3. Treant Form could simply be an alternative to MF at all times since it’s already there.
  4. Glyph of Stars. More options like: Dream; Winter; Nightmare; etc. Unique colors and effects for each.
  5. ‘No shapeshifting’ talent option. Simple enough, an alternative to MK Form which turns it into a passive with small addition to overall healing. The idea is to emphasize off-healing.

Other Forms

Since we have a fire cat form, why not a scorpion, etc, for other forms based on Druids of the Flame?

That’s it. :dracthyr_blob_dance_animated:

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But the sun is in space and they’re literally space chickens taught by a dude that’s half deer and half moon.

I think the space theme can stay. I’m ok with sun magic. Especially since not all of us are Night Elves that worship Elune.

Something doesn’t add up here.

You want it to be aesthetic but also completely change how it plays?

But I like using my Treant form as resto. Make it a boomkin form and we lose it as an aesthetic for resto.

Again with completely changing how Moonkin form works. You have talents to improve your off-healing already. Use those.

I’m starting to get the impression that you don’t really like the Balance spec and would like it to be anything but what it currently is. Maybe you should consider another class.

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