Elevenses (H) Mythic Morning Raiding

About Us:

Elevenses is a newly formed AoTc morning raiding guild on the horde side of Zul’jin (us.) We are pushing in Mythic raiding for the remainder of this tier, as well in future tiers.

Our Progression thus far: 10/10H and 2/10M

Currently Recruiting:

  • We are actively recruiting strong DPS classes for Mythic Prog.
  • HIGH need on WW Monk.
  • Open to flexible Healers

Raiding Schedule:
Wednesday and Thursday between the hours of 10am to 1pm server time.
(7am to 10am pacific time, 8am to 11am mountain time, 9am to 12pm central time, 10am to 1pm eastern time)

Contact the Guild master listed below for more information.

Ania or Tiphani#1574

Discord Invite: HdqskY7dzn
and throw up an app.

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Looking to finish building the raid team. We are currently looking for the following. All are welcome to join for other content.

If you don’t see your class/spec, please still apply or contact one of us.


  • OS for Backup role
  • Needed for M+


  • OS for Backup role
  • Needed for M+


  • Need all for M+

Hey there! I’m a 208 ret / Prot Paladin looking for a morning raiding guild. I’m 6/10 H and while currently alliance would be willing to switch for the right opportunity.

Discord is Solar#5537. Hope to hear from you!

Need boomy/ mage and hunter!


Copying this this from an independent post I made.

I’m NA but I currently live in EU. I play mostly with my brother who is also NA and so I’m not willing to change servers. I am looking for a guild that raids at the weird times that the time zone difference allows.

ATM, I’m 6 hours ahead of EST so I’d love to find a group of day or weekend raiders that I could potentially join. Ideally for me this would be anywhere between;

12-4pm EST Weekdays
8am-4pm EST Weekends

Currently I’m a Arms/Prot focused warrior main, 3/10 CN and steadily pushing +5-7 Mythic+. Also leveling a BDK, because I like to tank! I’m relatively new to the game but I’ve been playing almost everyday since the expansion started and I’d really like to raid and pugs just aren’t cutting it anymore.


Looking for a Mage, but all are welcome to join.

Looking for a mage :blush: would also love socials and casuals!!!

Still Need a mage for the raid team

We’re looking for a shaman!
All other classes are welcome to join our discord or reach out to us and join our ranks! Including levelers, returning players and socials! :slight_smile:

Where you at Shamans!

Need a boomy!

Still looking for a Boomy!

We’ve opened up a few dps slots. Open to all classes but the classes above are in higher demand.

Still looking for a few more Dps, WW Monk and Ret Pally

Where you at dps :eyes::eyes:

push it to the top

Still looking for more great players

Still need
Warlock, Mage and DK

Bump for people :wink:

Bumping for Elevenses!