Elemental Potion of Power shares CD with Saltwater Potion now?

I only noticed this recently when I accidently used a Elemental Potion of Power outside of a BG. Apparently it now shares a cooldown with Saltwater Potion? This never use to be the case, and must have only started in patch 10.2

My question is why?

For years now I have used a Macro to use both the best Potion of Power and Saltwater Potion together with one of my other offensive CDs. Why the random change? I can’t see this benefiting anyone, and it’s just going to hurt the people who actually make them.

Normally I’d have to buy a huge stack of them from the Auction house, which benefits the crafters. Now, I guess I won’t be buying them at all. I only use them for random BGs.

Now that I have to decide between decent stat buff and a flat 30% damage boost, which of course I’ll pick the Saltwater Potion every time, more so that I can buy them with Marks of Honor.

I am honestly legit curious why blizzard would do this and if other on use potions or something has come into the game which made them have to do this, anyone know? I don’t see a point to this limitation.


Volatile Crimson Embers is a lot more fun to use.

I just seen a bunch of new potion type items on the honor vendor but again all of them share CDs as far as I can tell, unless I’m wrong?

At the very least blizzard could make the ones that give you a damage boost not share a cooldown with the ones that give you a mobility boost.

I mean if I have to choose between run speed increase vs 30% damage… It’s a no brainer every time

Changes to Consumables in Unrated Battlegrounds with Season 3 - PVP / Battlegrounds - World of Warcraft Forums (blizzard.com)

That is when they made the change.

Your targets might disagree.

I thought about making two different macros, one for instanced pvp and one for world content so I could use both. Decided it wasn’t worth it though so I just ditched the potion of power entirely and erased that line from my macro.

Because it finally seems blizzard realizes they need to give new players a chance at learning the game… Which won’t happen if 50% of new players are going up against thanos level enemies every fight.

Long overdue change imo. Without a doubt, anyone who spends time actually mass crafting is not hurting for gold. The crafters will survive. PvP interest and retention of new players is worth more than padding your ego with a million buffs just so you can land a sloppy kill.

Wish they’d disable all toys and consumables in all forms of instanced pvp, personally.

Comboing Salt+Stat Pots was too strong. Especially if you had other battleground buffs

Now with Embers usable in BGs (double duration of Saltwater) it’s only right to limit other combat consumables.

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