Elemental Needs a Huge buff.... Again

We’ll you’ve done it again Blizzard… you forgot about Ele. We’re lagging behind pretty hard yet again. Gave us a good buff in season 2 and forgot about us lol Keep the game BALANCED!!! (And no I’m not talking about druids) X)


It all comes back to the Storm Ele nerf.

The thing is, we’re good at ST, we’re good at MT, we’re just not good at both at the same time. It is literally one extreme to the other, so on Fort Weeks - Ele is viable, on Tyr weeks Ele is not viable unless your group is happy for you to do tank damage on trash.


Yeah and also when Storm Elemental is “supercharged” he’s INCREDIBLY slow and out of range once we get into a moving situation. And also they’ve buffed a lot of specs and left Elemental out