Elemental in Shadowlands

Yea right now SoP is somewhat backwards in both PvE and PvP

Why would you spread flame shock on multiple targets via a single target spell that share the same resource as your aoe?

What sense does it make to have a root available on a target you have to build resources on while they beat on you to bud that resource?


Yeah…I’m thinking ES will have a CD…

Ya something gotta have to give or we will have a at will instant root without a CD when specced into SoP

Elemental, looks from the streams, that it plays just the same with some really good features added. Earthquake stacks fast off of chain lightning. There is no issues of getting earthquake down when you need. Echoing Shock mimics a spell again 1 second after you cast(on alpha it is twice but the talent says once). The talent stacks well with Stormkeeper so you can get these nice moments of chain lightning spam off for aoe which feels really good and looks really good.

Elemental shaman also has two really great Covenant choices:
Kyrian: Vesper totem. Which does a strong aoe pulse for 3 spells/abilities and also has 3 charges for healing to help spread heals. If you wanna blast out 3 chain heals.
Necrolord: Primordial Bolt which does shadow damage and puts another flame shock out. So it helps spread more flame shocks which then plays into its main ability which causes your next Lava Burst to hit all targets affected by flame shock.

Elemental shaman looks like it plays remotely the same with these really new moments that feel great.

Hybrid functionality is just back it seems and shaman I just hope it’s not novelty and that an enhance spending maelstrom stacks on chain heal can actually make a play in relevent content.

It’s nice to think it would anyway

One could argue totems having 5 hp should have bigger immediate impact tho, like you can move out wind fury totems range in the same gcd you place it

yes it is. But no aura mastery tied with it, which is fine