Elemental in 8.1

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He did and they followed through on the first part at least.


Not to be negative, as Elemental is not really my cup of tea these days, but as a former Ele player it baffles me that such a simplistic spec can have so many rotational and QoL issues go unaddressed for so long.

Echo baseline should have been implemented 2 years ago? We still complain about target switching and Flame Shock? Maybe the answer is simply that this is intended and it is what it is. There’s no possibility the feedback hasn’t been heard, as its been consistent for a long time.


Truth is the only changes they did were the unasked for ones, all the feedback they received was ignored and now going into 8.1 all they have done is shuffled our damage around for the worse.

Damage though not great was only a small part of the issue that was easily fixable but instead they moved damage around and changed a couple of talents like it was some rework that couldn’t be handled in a hotfix and needed a major patch.

PvP remains totally unfixed.
Survivability unfixed.
Damage to low maybe move up to low mid but still feels like wading through mud.
Fun to play, not at all.

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Please stop saying things like this. There are plenty of ELE’s, including myself, that wanted the class be Lightning focused again, like it was when we originally leveled it in Vanilla and BC. So yes, I like SK and the damage buff to it to make it my nuke.

Everything else though, I agree with you.


We have had changes in talents like [Stormkeeper] which is interesting, but while to [Unlimited Power] you could improve this skills to become more competitive against the stormkeeper something like giving versatility also or increasing the duration, and [Ascendance] you could put reduce casting time 15% lavaburst and lava beam or you could casting lavabeam and lavaburst while walking, without commenting that ridiculous a talent could be stealing by spellsteal of the magicians.

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I really liked Elemental when it was more lightning-based. I actually really hated the addition of EQ. Sure, chain lightning spam was simple, but dang it felt good to see the constant lightning overloads going all over the place! Those days aren’t ever coming back, but really wish Blizz would address mobility and survivability. I can’t even stand to do a casual BG because I’m just a free kill for any melee out there.

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There’s too much movement required in BFA, especially in mythic+ (look at dungeons like AD, Underrot, Kings Rest etc so many mobs and bosses putting poop on the ground or otherwise requiring you to run around). This spec will never be relevant until blizz gets off their stupid philosophy of allowing some specs to have glaring weaknesses while others have none. Ele glaring weakness of being an immobile turret is simply crippling with the way they design stuff these days which is basically watch your feet 24/7! don’t overlap these circles which will spread damage/debuffs!

Give back Lightning Bolt castable while moving and then maybe the rest of these changes won’t just feel like pointless reshuffling that don’t make us anymore wanted in high mythic+ or competitive raiding.

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You can cast Frost Shock while moving.

(Binkenstein) #690

For what it’s worth the movement rotation is actually the best that it’s ever been since the start of Warlords (ie: after the great caster movement apocalypse at the end of Mists)


Where did I say anything about lighting being unwanted? I addressed damage overall not which source players preferred.
Yes I prefer Lava Burst hitting hard because of pvp which I prefer and Lighting Bolt fails to address PvP casting issues, but I also recognize some played like the return to that style so I left my preference out. But they are the minority and no I will not be quiet or stop voicing my opinion.

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You spread lies when you say the changes were “unasked” ones, and “all the feedback was ignored”. I and other ELE’s have said part of the issue with IF was losing out on maelstrom gen when using Frost Shock. Now we have maelstrom gen on Frost Shock. Many ELE’s thought we needed a root, now we finally get one, albeit behind a gate but we finally have one again. Many ELE’s, whether minority or majority, wanted Lightning to be primary source of damage again. Now it is. So when you say “truth” you arent speaking truth you are only stating your opinion.

State your opinion, thats fine. I do regularly. But dont think for a second when you offer an opinion as “fact” or “objectivity” that someone wont call you out on it being the exact opposite. Just because you dont like the change, doesnt mean that others didnt want it.

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76 days since last dev contact… :'C

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I’ve been doing an experiment where i only cast Chain Lightning or Chain Heal in dungeons/normal pug raids and i see if anyone notices.

They haven’t. Yet.

Either my numbers are amazing or no one scrolls down far enough on their damage meters to see if anyone is below the healers.

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They could fix so many issues if they would just tell us what Ele is supposed to be good at. How are we as a community supposed to give the feedback that fits Blizz’s fantasy of immobile lightning turret when we don’t even know what the pros of being that actually is? Are we supposed to hit harder? Faster casts? If anything they should make it a point to convey every spec’s strengths and weaknesses so they can be reminded every time they gut a spec.

It’s absurd. I miss my shaman, but I enjoy actually being invited to groups more.

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You hit the nail on the head. I think this applies to every spec.


you lost any and all credibility upon claiming Lava burst is our most iconic spell -_- we’re not mini fire mages

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I just took my 110 Shamu to the target dummies with a build where LB buffs the next ability, and Ice Fury. Between:

Keeping up Flame Shock
Not Capping 2 charges of LB
Using Ice Fury
Weaving LB (sometimes instant sometimes cast) before Earth Shock and (buffed) Frost Shock

Actually required a fair bit of thought and management. Now I’m not an ele player but that seemed interesting to me with what I assume will be a priority system.