Elemental in 8.1

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They moved a couple talents around.......

this is what we get after waiting for months? You ignore EVERY bit of feedback the community gave you. WTF is wrong with this company

Pretty much my thoughts.
Hope class dev's get fired.

I don’t want to see anyone get fired... just move them to something they are good at. (CLEARLY not customer service) put them on development of something as heartless and uninspired as their views on class design... like data analysis

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I think a way to increase people wanting us in M+ would be to redesign Ancestral Protection Totem to be more viable.

I think the reason this talent isn’t picked as much is because unless you can use it effectively and actually place it down before somebody dies, it’s kind of a wasted talent because it’s on a 5 minute timer and outside of the potential of the brez it just isn’t worth a talent spot for 10% increased health every 5 minutes when you could take Ancestral Vigor or Earthen Wall totem which has a lot more frequent and overall benefit.

However, if they were to change the totem to be something like this:

Ancestral Protection Totem:
Summons a totem at the target location for 30 sec. All allies within 20 yards of the totem gain 10% increased health and 5% damage reduction . If an ally dies, the totem will be consumed to allow them to Reincarnate with 20% health and mana. 5 minute cooldown.

If an ally doesn’t use Reincarnate, the cooldown is reduced by 2 minutes.

Cannot reincarnate an ally who dies to massive damage.

I also think this ability should be a talent for Ele and Enh Shaman as well with it replacing Wind Rush totem on the level 75 row.

With my suggestion the talent does a number of things:

  1. Gives us an ok “tank/group cooldown” with reduced damage for not only raids but especially dungeons–even as a dps!.

  2. Makes the talent really competitive for dungeons while the other talents on the row may still be picked in raids because of more frequent benefit (and with raid sizes, other classes will bring a brez).

  3. Makes all shamans more wanted by pugs because of the possibility of a battle rez if played and planned correctly as well as a 30 second increase in health and group damage reduction on either a 3-minute cooldown or 5-minute cooldown if the Reincarnate is used.

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Maybe they see Shamans (especially Resto) strength as being in PvP so then they don’t really care how they perform in PvE even though I would argue PvE is by and large what the majority of players actually do in the game.

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I have been doing M+ more finally on my shaman and it’s a little frustrating dealing with 2-3 targets. I think it would be nice if for Flame Shock if they gave it say 2-3 charges (maybe affected by talents to have more - like a fire mage) and a recharge time that ensures we can really only keep it up on 3 targets. Seems reasonable and it would help a lot in M+ and it make it so in a BG you couldnt just spam it on everyone.

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Also, the defensive talents Spirit Wolf and Earth Shield have to be the most pathetic excuses for defensives in the history of the game. Can we get someone to look at these and buff them massively? Spirit Wolf silences you, but you have to be in ghost wolf for 4 seconds for a measly 20% defensive? All while doing no damage. Really?!? Who thought that was good?

Earth shield might as well not exist. It might help defend me against a single mosquito . . . a really, old, crippled mosquito . . .

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I understand if they wanted to make shamans not feel like they have to cast dots on all mobs before starting their rotation. The pain point though is needed FS on a mob in order to have Lava Burst crit on the mob.

I think if they keep the cooldown on FS, which I think is here to stay, then they should remove the requirement of FS to get Lava Burst crits on the mobs. Have it interact with FS a different way. Maybe increased maelstrom generation or increased overload chance.

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I like the Maelstrom idea. You could still have Lava Surge tied to Flame Shock so its beneficial for us to have as many Flames Shocks up as possible. I agree, the Lava Burst crit should not be tied to it. Its painful to have LvB off CD and have to wait 2-3 seconds for Flame Shock to come off CD because there is no dispel protection.

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No spec should have low mobility and defensives. You need some way of handling raid/M+ mechanics, and ele really lacks in this area. I posted this elsewhere, but Ele has always had some additional form of mobility, or method of DPSing on the move, than what it has on live. Actual abilities included SWG, castable LB, and gust of wind. Rotationally, we also had no CD on FS and flexible cost on ES which helped fill otherwise dead GCDs while moving.

Ele is visually appealing and I enjoy the rotation, even moreso with the new talents. It’s unbelievably frustrating to play, though, because I’m so incapable of properly handling the mechanics that BfA’s dungeons and raids throw at us. I have every other RDPS at max and the gap between Ele’s kit and the more well-rounded RDPS is massive.

To touch on defensives: the spirit wolf talent is similar to bear form; gimp your dps for defensive value, but it has no CD. Bear form is extremely valuable as a defensive. Spirit wolf arbitrarily had a 4 second ramp-up, though, making the opportunity cost absolutely massive. We need to burn a GCD to shift and sit there for 4+ seconds to gain the benefit. I like that ele has it as an option, but I’d love something less awkward. As an aside, I really liked the shielding totem from MoP. It felt nice thematically, and would supplement Astral Shift nicely if tuned properly.

Ele has a ramp-up time that is easily interrupted by its weak kit. This leads to frustrating gameplay. I always play ele on my shaman, but I’ve found myself enjoying it much less despite personally liking the rotation.

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61 days since last dev contact… >:'C

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Its over just reroll I’m going with this lock or my rogue.

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This is so lame compared to just not having a cooldown for FS

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I think now it’s supposed to apply flame shock to a nearby target but it’s worthless and I think this shows a lack of understanding of the rotation by the designers. In a situation with 2+ targets you really want to earth quake instead of Earth shock so this will likely never be utilized and is worthless. Not sure why they can’t at least give us three charges if it if they don’t want to just remove the CD.

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Elemental Shaman need Flame Shock to either have two charges or have the CD removed. Anything under 4 targets totally cripples our damage. Maelstrom generation is too low, and Chain Lightning doesn’t do enough damage. Target switching is also a nightmare.

Survivability needs a huge buff. Spirit Wolf is a joke - I have to use a GCD, then wait 4 seconds for a measly 20% damage resistance. All while doing NO DAMAGE. Look at the buff to Dispersion for Shadow Priest - 60% was too little, so it is getting buffed to 75%. Sure, it has a CD, but Spirit Wolf is a joke. The funnier joke is that Earthshield is even less effective. Would it be so bad to buff this?

And, turrets don’t work. There has to be some mobility built into caster specs, especially Elemental. There’s a reason people are quitting this game - and Blizzard’s refusal to fix class design is it.


Lets be real here, we have all said it and I am just commenting to drive the point even further, what we all really what is either a way to spread flame shock or at least remove the cooldown from it. I love the class and I always have it as my off spec for Resto, I just wanna blast people with my lava bursts. Vive La Flame Shock!!

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Here’s my list of things I want:

Flame Shock: Remove CD or just give it two charges.

Gust of Wind: Bring it back

Earthgrab Totem: Bring it back

Astral Shift: Buff to 60% reduction and usable while stunned.

Spiritwalker’s grace: bring it back.

Chain lightning: slight damage and maelstrom generation buff.

Surge of Power: also increase chain lightning damage.

Fire elemental/storm elemental: reduce damage and buff shaman spells. Alternatively, reduce the CD. Very annoying having so much damage locked behind a such a long CD. You’ll note Destro locks have exactly the same complaint about their infernal.

Even some of the above would be wonderful.

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I had faith. I’ve waited months for blizzard to update shaman. Sure I was upset when the expansion released and they told me they didn’t have enough time to update my class. Why wouldn’t I be? I paid money just like everyone else and the class I have spent years on and wanted to continue playing was incomplete. I stuck with it. I was told they were going to look into the class in the next couple months and make the changes the class needed.

I stuck out clunky rotations, no mobility, horrible target switching, abysmal dps.

Now we’re two weeks away from 8.1 and the changes they’ve done are minimal. They’ve addressed none of the issues with the class. I look around at other classes and also see minimal changes done there too…I know we’re not alone here but god have we been beat down. I just want to understand the mindset. Did they pull everyone away from class balancing to fix the other broken features the expansion introduced? This reminds me of WoD and we all know how well that went over.

I can’t take this much longer. I honestly can’t continue to play an incomplete class. I used to love pvp but its near impossible to pvp on elemental. That cuts out so much game content. We’ve got 2 weeks left until the patch and common sense tells me that there isn’t enough time to test additional changes. Meaning what we see is what we get and what we get is nothing…

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I tried to PvP on my Elemental Shaman. I’m not great, but wow, was it awful. Without my Gust of Wind and Earthgrab totem to try and get some distance, I was just destroyed by melee. I couldn’t do anything. Just casual BG, but was awful.

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The design just isnt there to make it fun. It does damage sure, can top charts even. Yet the playstyle is boring and having very little tool kit to create space. I mean look at thunderstorm, the worst knockback in game in angle of knockback and distance. See Prot War and Priest for better ones. Adding roots would help us a ton. There is so much that could improve the class, post after post about it as well just makes the entire en devour exhausting honestly.

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Ele Shamans are in such a poor state that even one of the following would be a huge win for the spec.

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Wrong. Its just a damage buff where YOU didnt want it. I have been wanting Lightning to be the primary damage source again since Wrath. I know others agree with me, and there are others that agree with you.