Elemental in 8.1

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10/17/2018 12:38 AMPosted by Magmir
10/16/2018 07:32 PMPosted by Hërn
So Surge of Power now has a 15 second window to use it.

So as I understand it I must do the following for the overload to Lightning Bolt
1. Earth Shock
2. Cast Lightning Bolt to actually proc the overload and this cast doesn't benifit form the proc.
3. Cast Stormkeeper.
4. And now I cast the actual Lightning Bolts that benifit from Surge of Power.

And Durning all of this I get to hope I'm not interfered with in any way or need to move alot.

At least let it go into effect as soon as I Earth Shock and skip having to cast a Lightning Bolt before I have to cast Stormkeeper.

First cast of lightning bolt after Earth Shock was getting the guaranteed extra overload when I did my testing recently.

I certainly hope this is the way it is to be.
I want to be able to pre cast Stormkeeper then Earth Shock into two instant Lightning Bolts in PvP if I get luck enough to build the maelstrom.

(Magmir) #583
That would definitely be some crazy burst with the current tuning. Just gotta build that maelstrom first.

Lightning bolt hits hard enough on the ptr that after Earth Shocking I was saving lava burst to buff my next Earth Shock. Kind of weird. Need to test more and I'm sure Blizzard will do more tuning...

(Hërn) #584
Echo of the Elements baseline

20% damage increase to Lava Burst

Survivability added

An idea for survivability and to fit our current style play.

Roots of the Earth: Passive baseline
For each second you do not move you receive a stack of Roots of the Earth. Each stack of Roots of the Earth grants 2% damage reduction, Your next Healing Surge cast time is reduced by 20% and it's Healing increased by 3%. Maximum of 5 stacks, upon movement the stacks last last 5 seconds then decay at 1 stack per second.

(Orphanchild) #585
The more I think about it, the more Totem Mastery needs to just get deleted from the game. Something you press every two minutes, or after traveling far enough, on CD is a chore and dumb. There's absolutely 0 thought behind pressing the button outside of using a global and most times even that doesn't matter. Please remove.

As much as Totem Mastery feels like it should be removed, Echo of the Elements feels like it should be baseline. The spec just flows 1000% better with it, it feels mandatory.

I think frost shock needs to generate a small amount of maelstrom.

Lava burst needs to hit harder. Period. In both parts of the game. It should hit drastically harder than lightning bolt.

The level 45 talent row is terrible in my opinion. Earth Shield is nice but beyond that I don't like the two other choices at all. I would really like gust of wind back but if that is not an option I think Spirit Wolf should activate the full benefit when you enter form but reduce the damage reduction to 10%. Static charge should be replaced with earth grab totem in my opinion.

Also, would it be so bad if flame shock generated a tiny amount of maelstrom. Like 1 maelstrom per tick or every other tick. The CD feels bad enough.

(Brodan) #586
As PvP player I tested this new style of playing as Ele an the only difference I noticed is that my burst will be more predictable but stronger and less frequent.
Sustain damage will be as horrible as it is.
There is barely any damage increase after change and I'm again disappointed.

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10/16/2018 02:16 AMPosted by Magmir
Compared my single target DPS on the raid dummy, live vs PTR (no buffs/no flask/no food). Doing a little over 1000 more DPS on the PTR. Depending on RNG can go close to 2000 more DPS.

Anyone else tried out the current iteration of changes?

I have, but I can't stand the Lightning Bolt spam. It feels like vanilla all over. Cept now we aren't getting mana back from spamming it. You can look back though at least 15 pages toward the front of this thread were we said, PLZ no to Lightning Bolt and asked for a Lava Burst buff instead. As normal for the last year all communication was ignored and what we were given is exactly what they said they were doing to do in the first place. They don't change their mind unless they are forced to due to sub loss. Just look at the current scrambling and all the people they are trying to bring in to fix the Xpac. That is due to sub loss.

So, I'm voting with my wallet. I think this will be the the first anniversary I have ever missed, but it must be done. I'm not paying another month to be ignored as a customer. If they don't want my money I guess that's the way they want to do business. Communication goes both ways, and they refuse to talk to us except to tell us what we are going to do and how we will play.

There are other company's like Grinding Gears Games that actually listen and converse with their customers because they want to make a game their customers want to play and will have fun doing so. Blizzard has lost their way. I hope they make some changes, because even though I do speak out against bad game design, I do care about the game or else I wouldn't have spent over 687 days played.

(Hërn) #588
Issues addressed by the community and Blizzards response.

Survivability: Ignored

DPS: Changes are all against what the community asked for or wanted.

Mobility: Community flat out told no, you will Facetank with even more slow casts of Lightning Bolt for a modest damage increase and push backs with no survivability improvements.

(Magmir) #589
The community definitely wants mobility and survivability, but Blizzard has repeatedly said that they don't want elemental shamans to have mobility. No idea what's going on with our survivability though, seems like it should be better given our lack of mobility.

Maybe things will change with Holinka in charge of class design?

(Hërn) #590
I realize that on mobility, my point was that they increased our damage where we didn't want it and ignored our survivability

(Magmir) #591
10/22/2018 07:11 AMPosted by Hërn
I realize that on mobility, my point was that they increased our damage where we didn't want it and ignored our survivability

Fair enough. I agree with that.

(Ehelolx) #592
10/22/2018 12:03 AMPosted by Magmir
Maybe things will change with Holinka in charge of class design?

Tfw you have to put your faith in Holinka to save class design

(Dalrox) #593
Haven't been any upgrades in a while. Its for sure been enough time for testings on ptr for the ele changes. It would be nice to see what blizzard thinks of their own changes so far and what are the next steps for the class.

Surely this can't be all the changes for ele. How about some enhance/resto updates.

(Axön) #594
A blue response that takes into consideration community feedback or at least specifically demonstrates that that feedback has been seen/processed would be a really excellent development right about now.

Occasional silly feedback and rare, odd troll posts aside, the overwhelming impression I get from the shaman community feedback writ large is one of respectful concern and honest desire to provide meaningful feedback, to help in any way we can for a class and spec people clearly feel passionate about.

I keep holding out hope for such a development. Please let the community participate meaningfully in this process.

(Xoja) #595
Flame Shock cooldown feels terrible, please consider adjusting or removing it.

Being productive with Flame Shock and being rewarded for it was fun, especially in PVP.

(Meadamemnon) #596
10/22/2018 07:11 AMPosted by Hërn
I realize that on mobility, my point was that they increased our damage where we didn't want it and ignored our survivability

I disagree with this. I have been wanting Lightning to be the foundation of our burst and back to BC foundation of lightning. So to say we "all" didnt want it, is not true at all. I know there are others like me, and others like you as well.

(Madalot) #597
I'm at a loss as to why blizzard thinks our problems are now solved?

Could we get a blue post explaining the rational of Strengths vs Weaknesses and how the PTR fixes were aimed to address these, and how they feel its worked?

(Hatsumi) #598
Yesterday i started to test out many things on my ele sham (Spent like 3 hours on it).
Firstly i realized that Master of elements is not giving the buff, and Surge of power is now giving 2 charges of Lightnin bolt instead of 3, wich is bad for the "new rotation" that we're gonna have on 8.1( I hope this is bugged and not intended).
Now i feel like the rotation is funier than the iteration that we have atm, with Surge of Power procs the malestorms builds a lot faster, the thing is while we will earn more gameplay from SoP it stills falls behind in "choice", because Lighting Bolt now hits so hard that i barely use the proc on Lava Burst, unless i have to root a target or spread Flame Shock around you'll be using the proc on Lightning bolt.
I don't know if making Earthshock and Earthquake proc Surge of Power will end being to op , but i think that would add some fun to our AoE rotation and it would be cool if it had a interaction with Chain Lightning as well.

On the other hand i think this changes will scale with time. Now our mastery doesn't have any value at all, but on the furute where mastery is on higher numbers, we could see a spammy Lightning bolt with Overwhelming Power reaching more than 5 stacks builds.

Now i agree with some people that Lightning bolt should not be the hardest hiting spell that we have, is like a being a Ret and Crusader Strike hits harder than Templar's Veredict.

I hope they still plan to tweak some skills and make them more interactive.
Lastly, i think this changes are a step on the right direction, but just a step.

(Superlurker) #599
I'd much rather Surge of Power's Lightning Bolt effect be a fixed 2 charges instead of 1-3. The RNG is frustrating with Stormkeeper.

(Kazumaa) #600
Just really want to curse yell and effing scream in the dev's faces , DAM IT RNG IS NOT FARKING FUN YOU IDIOTS.
Can you just help ele and not jerk is around like second class citizens.

(Reverence) #601
Surge of Power now giving Lightning Bolt a chance to Elemental Overload 1-3 times sounds weak. Just getting 1 Elemental Overload gives a big gap in the new rotation. A static 3 Elemental Overloads feels smooth however. Our mastery is not up to par so if that were fixed a chance for 1-3 Elemental Overloads might feel smoother and the spec overall. Elemental Overload is why I made a Shaman, back in BC. Now what was baked into the flavor of our class is just kinda.. there. Make our mastery a bit stronger or we will have to keep relying on gimmicky talents and heavy cooldowns to fill the gaps and provide more flavor.