Elemental for DF

Thinking of gearing and learning rotation for elemental shamans in shadowlands s4, they seem fun to play in pve an pvp. Just wondering form people who been playing shaman how does it usually go in expansions, strong at start then nerf or vice verse or chill all xpac? Also the talents for DF look fun for ele, but then again i dont know anything about ele lol i could be wrong.

ele is usually weakest in early seasons of the expansion and then grows with power as gear scales higher.

thats usually the trend, but we have no real idea of what the meta will be for early seasons of dragonflight. its too early to tell still.

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It’s impossible to say, but regardless of how “good” ele will be It’s still the most fun caster full stop.


it’s still pretty bad for m+

This isnt true.

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