Elecom Dux MMO gamepad

I bought this crazy gaming controller for Windows in Japan called an “ELECOM DUX Gaming Controller” for $25. It has 24 buttons on it and can remap them all

Everything looks normal in the “Game Controllers” settings page, but within WoW the left and right sticks behave super strangely, and there doesn’t seem to be any way to remap the behavior.

In the “Game Controllers” control panel in Windows 10, an Xbox One controller maps the left stick as “X Axis / Y Axis”, the right stick as “X Rotation, Y Rotation”, and the triggers are “Z Axis”

A PS4 controller shows the left stick as “X Axis / Y Axis” and the right stick comes through as Left: Z axis decrease, Right: Z axis increase, Up: Z Rotation decrease, Down: Z rotation increase"

This Elecom Dux 24 button gamepad has the same mappings as the PlayStation 4 controller for the left/right stick axes on the “Game Controllers” screen, but it doesn’t seem to get parsed the same way as a PS4 controller. The left stick’s up/down are screwy, the right stick’s right/left cause the camera to tilt up and down, and the right stick’s up/down don’t do anything.

It’d be handy if there were CVARs to let me control which axis does what, since I’m guessing the devs don’t want to bother adding support for a controller that’s only officially available in Japan. (Even just something like “Gamepad Axis Mapping Override” = 0,1 with no documentation, where 0 is Xbox-like and 1 is PS-like would be a huge help)

EDIT: I should mention that somehow Elecom completely overlooked the possible need for their controller to emulate the way an Xbone controller works, so that isn’t an option in the remapper…

Elecom is a pretty big fish in Japan BTW, so your Japanese Diablo/Hearthstone/whoever teams probably are in touch with them