Ele shaman - Make Mastery Great Again

Every guide you look at for pve says mastery is the worst stat to go for in pve because it doesn’t work on things like earth shock or earthquake. However, I disagree and say if they made it like it used to be, it’d be our best stat or at the very least equal to other stats.

Waaaay back in 2010 your spells couldn’t just proc once, but instead 2 or 3 times off the same spell. They ended up changing it so that it only procs once but at 75% dmg as opposed to 50%. So instead I think they should make mastery have a chance to proc once at 75% and then an additional one at 50% and then a third at 50%.

Assuming you have 50% mastery, every spell would have 0.5 x 0.5 x 0.5 = 12.5% chance to proc 3 additional blasts which would make your lvb or lb deal an additional 175% dmg.

Even if this made mastery stat weight equal to haste or crit, it’d be a fun alternative game play style.

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Mastery will likely be a very strong stat in DF for elemental.

Mountains Will Fall capstone giving ES and EQ the ability to overload our spenders will interact with mastery.

Also, with Further Beyond capstone extending ascendance, mastery will likely be very important for maelstrom generation to get ascendance rolling as long as possible.

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Is mastery not good in PVE? It feels amazing in PVP right now.

Yeah but this will be a mandatory talent node. And the entire build will be forced to that arm of the tree…

fake surprise

Depends entirely on how they tune it my friend, we have no idea