Ele Shaman LF Guild

Hey everyone,

Currently playing on alliance side, but considering a transfer to horde shortly. The guild I was in was only 5/10H (Got 6th boss to 10ish%). I’m looking to find a guild to get AOTC with and potentially progress mythic CN. I also enjoy doing pvp as well if that is something that the guild likes to do.

My item level is 217 currently. I would also consider gearing up resto as an offspec if it gets to that point, but I haven’t done raid healing since… probably Dragon Soul in Cata.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing from those that respond.

Hey Bremira, if you’re over 21 and can make Tues & Thurs from 10pm-1am EST, I’m actually looking for an Ele Shaman for my team. I’ll leave a link to our info below, and if you’d like more info, you can add me at Rawrabear#1450.

Hello Bremira my name is Sheaves and I am the recruiter for the guild Get Better. I believe we may be a good fit for you I’ll leave my guild spam for you to read through and you can just message me back on my discord if you would like.

[H] [Area 52] 10/10N 5/10H Recruiting Players For Progression
Get Better is a newly formed Area 52 guild led by experienced raiders with mythic raiding experience. Raid leader and most of the current roster is currently 10/10N and 5/10H. We plan on clearing AOTC as quickly as we can each tier. If we have the the players and the numbers to do so we would like to go into mythic progression sometime after AOTC.

Raid times Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 7:30Pm to 10:30PM server time/EST.
What You Can Expect When Raiding With US
We are a good group of people that want to joke around and have fun with raiding but also want to kill bosses and put in the effort to keep improving. We will hold individual players accountable if it interferes with progression but instead of benching and raging at a player for mistakes we would prefer a player to take constructive criticism and is willing to ask questions and put in effort to improve. We are open to new and returning players that may not be at the top of their game yet all we ask is you put in the effort and want to get better.
We are always recruiting casuals, mythic+ players and PvPers. We just recently created the guild on 12/26/20 and already have over 50 players that are active and want to play the game with guildees and build relationships and teamwork rather than pugging. We have an active guild discord made available to all guildees. We have players that enjoy mythic+ and PvP as well so join now and start getting to know who we are. Its a MMO so lets build a community that enjoys playing all aspects of the game together. We do have a guild application I will link here that also has a link to our main recruitment message with more info about our guild. forms.gle/Eahd3UkSB44gB11s8

[H]<Rägnarok> on Area52 is looking for a few more members to fill out our second mythic raid team! Currently 10/10N 9/10H “Dream Team” needs a few more bodies!
We raid Wed/Thurs 8-11 EST.
If you are looking for a team let us know! We would love to have you!

Bnet: Aearowen#1979

Discord: Aearo9581

Hi Bremira!! I think you would be an excellent fit with us, for our late night group we are 9/10h with consistent p3 wipes on Sire and looking for a few more good dps to round our our roster going into mythic. I’ll leave our spam below, would love to talk to you in game about a raid spot.
[H] Calamity 8/10H late night guild recruiting

</Ninja Kittenz/> is a fun, active guild with Mythic focus that would love to add more solid raiders to our progression team. We’re specifically looking for players who like progress without the elitist attitude. We pride ourselves in being active on and off raid times and are looking for players who will do the same.

We started an M+ community based out of our Discord server. We have plenty of activity and are happy to add more to our Discord for keys, raids, achievement hunting, etc.

Raid Times:
Shadowlands Schedule:
Tues & Thurs 8-11pm EST

Past Progression:
7/12M, 12/12H Nya

Disc: Toeknuckles#1300
B-net: Toeknuckles#1545

Hey there Bemira! We are and I think that we might be a good fit for you!

Here’s some info about us! We’re a group of 20-30 somethings that are looking for more people to play with us and have a good time! We run keys weekly with as many people as we can get in them and are currently 9/10 heroic. We raid Wednesday&Thursday from 8-11 PM EST We have aspirations to eventually be CE but for now we’re just building a team and pushing as far as we can into mythic!

We’re looking for like minded individuals to come help us down internet dragons! We are a LGBTQIA+ friendly guild that uses peoples’ preferred pronouns so if you’re looking for a welcoming, yet competent, guild to clear content with shoot me a message on bnet at Imsy#11908 or on discord at Imsy#7281

I Look forward to speaking with you!

[H] [House of Zug] Currently 8/10 Heroic. We are looking for more DPS to join our AOTC focused group. We plan on doing some Mythic for those that are interested in getting into that content. We are a group that enjoys fun and efficient progression as we are mainly a guild of professionals, students and parents with exceptional skills and limited gaming availability. We also do PVP and Mythic+ consistently. If interested please contact me on bnet Ixxon#1964 or discord Ixxon#4013. Thank you and I hope you find what you’re looking for!