Ele Sham - Mental Dex

Ele was great fun to play in phase 2 in Gnomer but now in phase 3 in ST it is horrendous. For those that don’t know in order to do optimal dps you need to be in melee range and auto attack every 10 seconds. This means you are a static caster that has to react to all the melee mechanics and it is just not fun.

Sure you could say just don’t run mental dex but even with mental dex Ele is near the bottom of the meters. Without it I have no doubt Ele would be the bottom. And to actively choose to not do your optimal rotation is just not gameplay I enjoy.

Blizz has two options(if they want to fix this), either make mental dex trigger on casts (and correspondingly reduce the spell power benefit if this is too strong) or make it trigger on stormstrike and kill it for ele (and correspondingly buff the burn rune).

Some burn rune buffs I have seen suggested include increasing the proc rate or having lava burst refresh flameshock. But I don’t know if these would be competitive with the current mental dex damage.

To conclude I can never think of another time in wow where a caster has had to be in melee range and if there was I’m sure it would have got fixed pretty quickly…


Of which there are none. ST is basically tank and spanks.

Lmao rando on the forums speaking in terms of ultimatums. It took them until phase 3 to let druids run both lacerate and mangle, lets not pretend they will fix this before phase 5.

So you’re saying it’s fine and I should just get used to it?

There are plenty of melee mechanics, knockbacks, stuns, aoe to be avoided. All easily done if you don’t have to stand in one place to cast constantly.

They are not ultimatums they are suggestions. Why so dramatic?

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I’m playing Ele in ST, I’m melee weaving. There are no melee mechanics.

I know today is 420, but you have to be smoking the DANKEST kush if you think there even a single melee mechanic in the entirety of ST.

I’m genuinely curious here, do you enjoy that play style? What’s your characters name?

On Defenders, you have to move out of the purple ability from one of the bosses which is a melee only mechanic.

On all the dragon bosses you must move to sides of dragon, a melee only mechanic.

That was off the top of my head.

If you are the Balthalor on Living Flame. You have a 55.5% uptime on mental dex(boss fights). I would of thought it would be a little higher if there were no melee mechanics :joy:

Because the tank moves the boss. You refresh flame shock and melee a little during the movement, then back to casting.

You just described a tank and spank.

A melee mechanic is anything that prevents you meleeing the boss for a period of time. Which according to statistics occurs for you 45% of the encounters.

I don’t understand why you are trying to defend this mechanic… do you enjoy it?? I guess some people just like to disagree with people.

You have a vivid imagination if you think I’m defending it.

“I’m going to post on the forums so people disagree with me, then complain that they disagree with me.”

Welcome to the WoW forums. This place is reserved exclusively for trolling. There is nothing else, if you’re not here to troll, you can leave.

Youre countering my arguments rather than agreeing with my points. Don’t need an imagination, that’s called logic.

Hey that all cool if you wanna troll. But funny how you stay quiet on anything related to actual statistics. Maybe you need a more anonymous name if your only purpose is to troll…:joy:

Whatever man, respec to Enhance if you don’t like it. Devs play Alliance, and all that’s slated for Shamans in p3 is nerfs and ways to make our playstyles worse.

Mental Dex is used exclusively in raids man, and raids are irrelevant. Burn is used outside of raids. Ele is the PvP spec, you just raid in it to get Ele gear. But Ele doesn’t need ST gear, so…

Your only correct option is to give up on hoping for Blizz changes and respec to Enhance in raids. It’s better damage anyway.

I don’t deal with any of these things on my main mage so by definition that makes it a melee only mechanic for my caster ele alt which does have to account for all these extra positioning.

That IS exactly the problem. Ele is just a worse version of enhance shaman currently.

How is that not worthy of discussing potential fixes for?

Ranged have more mechanics to do on Eranikus. You don’t have to move as much by being in melee as Ele there, so that means Ele doesn’t have to deal with Ranged mechanics. This is a non discussion, ST fights are so short there’s no real mechanics anyway man.

Great example. Could you imagine if mages had to melee every 10 seconds? That crap would be fixed in a heartbeat.

But ele is obviously a relatively way less played spec and so goes forgotten. Hence my reasoning to make this thread.

Discuss what? You gonna theorycraft us not needing to melee anymore? Great. Everyone already knows that. But like I said: