Ele proccing gushings more?

Versed ele + dh in 3’s and both were running full gush but the ele managed 1.8 mil gush dmg while the dh did only 950k.

Does ele proc it more somehow? It was his top dmg by faaaar. I think closest behind it was 800k

Yeah Ele gets huge use out of it. I’m thinking the earthen rage procs might be proccing it. I haven’t tested it though so not sure.

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Caught me off guard. He melted me. All good. Just curious cos it dominated his damage.

Pre patch will be interesting with no corruptions and class changes.

Pre Patch will change everything, I myself have a slight fear that Ret pallies will be considered op since corruption didn’t do much for them and their class isn’t changing much come SL. Other classes cough Destro cough heavily rely on corruption. We’ll see what happens.

Well apparently destro has been oppressively op since legion and corruptions arent the reason. So i heard.

They don’t at all

But no one really procs gushing more than anyone else, it’s limited to 4-5ppm


Im almost certain earthen rage doesn’t proc gushing.

Ele doesn’t spend time casting and obviously ele doesnt require melee range

So anything an ele does that isn’t purging, totems, gw, healing or refreshing earth shield has a chance to at 4-5 rppm procs gushing.

For specs that run gushing I think ele is 3rd for what procs it the most

Damage meters are a little deceptive, everything I do hits for peanuts outside of a good earthshock crit if I’m using Lava Shock traits. Nothing will catch gushing for the Shaman.

But as mentioned above, it should have a pretty standard 4-5 ppm for everyone. Maybe the shaman had more 475s?

It does actually

you certain its not the ability that procs rage proccing gush?

The reason why people think ele procs it more is cuz they generally will proc it more while going about their normal dmg rotation from range.

Frost shock / flame shock / earthen rage/ lava bursts instants etc all proc gushing.

Some specs will sit on RPPM procs not hitting people. In between goes etc.

Just line the gushing 5.3head

Any source of direct dmg should proc it.

Pretty sure ER is coded as direct dmg and not a dot

This is bait.

lmao, im taking this bait on purpose.

No mobility, Bad defensives, no spell damage mitigation, telegraphic burst gameplay, no way to avoid getting cc’d. Still reliant on wings to do damage. A melee spec having no mobility or good ways to tank damage, while having no ranged spells.

As you said shadowlands isnt making any change to ret from BFA, and BFA ret was god awful for the entire expansion. If BFA ret was bad, and then SL ret didnt get a single change = SL ret will still be bad.