Eldritch Invocations and Deep Sea Defilement not showing up

I got a late start on Pathfinder just coming back to the game a couple of months ago. Working on the last bit of cleanup for it with loremaster.

Got to these two quests and in the 3 caves there is nothing you can interact with, the mob for the first quest isn’t in the one he’s supposed to be in, and the pylons and enemies aren’t in any of them. I’ve tried reloading, logging, joining a raid group to see if maybe it was a phasing issue, and nothing.

I have a ticket submitted but that’ll maybe be tomorrow when I hear back.

Have you figured it out? I’ve been experiencing this bug for three weeks now, and Blizzard has done nothing to help me besides suggesting me go to wowhead. What a joke their customer service has been to me.

I was stuck on this too but figured it out. It’s tied to war campaign quests. You have to do up through the part where you do the quests with Jaina at Anglepoint Wharf and turn them in to Halford in Boralus. As soon as I did that and came back the quests were working.