<Egomaniacs> AOTC focused guild LFM

Egomaniacs is looking for people join our family who ready to raid Heroic and push keys. We are a seasoned AOTC guild and our members have mythic experience. We love to push KSM and KSH every tier. We are looking for a few more to fill out our progression team and people wanting to push high keys! We provide feasts, potion cauldrons, phials, enchants, gems, etc. We’d love to have you!

Needs: Any and all DPS

8/8 Normal Vault of the Incarnates
7/8 Heroic Vault of the Incarnates
1/8 Mythic Vault of the Incarnates

Raid Days/Times:
Tuesday 8pm EST - 11pm EST
Thursday 8pm EST - 11pm EST

You can contact me in game or on here. My battle.net is Killermusic#1245. My discord is Killerlamp#8205

Hi Egomaniacs,

I’m an AOTC, 2000 io Balance Druid looking for a home/raid group - and think you might be a good fit for me. Happy to discuss more.


I reached out to you on discord and battlenet. You can contact me on battlenet: Walters13#1483