Effect of level squish on twinks

I havent played retail since Classic came out. I’m curious how the level squish affected twinking. I had a 39 rogue and a 110 DK. I am assuming brackets did not “squish” the same way, and that they are still 30-39, etc… So twinks would have to completely remake themselves correct? New bis items, etc?

No one gets to play twinks in retail

It’s one of the rare things they handled better as the game got older


That’s not true, you’re just in separate BGs if XP is off

Yeah with all the other twinks

What’s the point in twinks if you are just fighting other twinks?

Because I liked it? What’s the point of questioning what people want to do? Lol… Not the point of this thread, and nothing to do with what I asked.

Did they remove that restriction back some due to queue time qq?

Then reimplemented it due to QQ. My 110DK only got to do 1 bg, and it lasted about 30 seconds b4 closing due to lack of #'s. Well worth the 10hr queue. I had fun killing 120’s who tried to attack me in open world tho. If they werent geared, they got a surprise.

Ah ok. I don’t bg with xp locked anymore.

Twinks were dead in retail long before classic came out not sure why you think it changed? The last bastion of twinking was the level 20 bracket since you got grouped in with the f2p players but they killed that bracket too.

Literally nothing left since Blizz would rather ruin pvp brackets because of a handful of players that complained about twinks.

Twinks weren’t even really a problem before either, heirloom gear was basically as good as twink gear in most brackets.

The biggest problem would be lack of participation at the moment I would imagine. It’s not something you hear about much which means the population who have reiterated after the level squish is probably fairly low.

If anything I think the 49 bracket would probably be the one people are doing these days.
Also I’m pretty sure for all brackets below, artifact weapons are your default BiS weapons (due to the ilvl relics allow you to get to)

They are questioning it after the level squish which affected brackets. They aren’t asking if twinking was killed by classic, classic’s release is irrelevant in this situation.

This character was a 110 twink but got squished to a 45. Her Mythic Antorus gear became the same ilvl as world quest gear. I just gave up and leveled to 60 because only level 60s are allowed to twink now.

To see who has the biggest Twinky of course! :smiley:

Sooo did twinks have to level to the new top level in the bracket and obtain new gear then? (Basically start over)

i’ve been exp off since Besten NPC was patched into the game. haven’t been in a BG since 2011 when others from the twinkinfo forum had a lobby website to coordinate queue ups to pop WSG for the 25-29 bracket.

i also haven’t been on the twinkinfo forum much after it renamed to XPOff, but that coincides with me retiring this character and all my other exp off toons to an inactive account in 2012, to focus more on my level capped characters

The level squish caused brackets to shift, pve twinks hit the hardest in that raids for vanilla, BC, and wotlk are standardized to require level 30. (Which level 60 toons twinked were dropped to 25, 70 to 27 (iirc) and 80s to 30).

Meaning everybody in the 60, 70 brackets now had to shift their level up 5 levels to have access to the raids they did.

This alongside another issue of chromie time having the inability to group, so attempting to get BiS gear via quests is made far more inconvenient in areas such as shadowmoon valley, where certain quests are nearly impossible to solo on certain specs, even when decked out already.

There are pros however, as the now level 30 raids of Classic, BC, and wotlk being lumped together, grants a lot more gearing options, despite the ilvl disparity between raids.

Arguably the worst hit, would probably be classes at low levels feeling very minimalistic in design, like majority of classes not acquiring basic aoe abilities until around level 27-30, major spec mechanics being not worth using due to passives not existing yet, like Demonbolt for demo, is nearly useless due to not being able to acquire Demonic core procs, flurry for frost mages has the exact same problem. Dead spells given early, and not to be used until 30 levels later.