Edit: found a guild


Edit: found a guild


I’m a 413 ilvl fire/frost mage that is 6/9M (6% on Mekka) LF CE guild. Most importantly, I’m looking for a guild that has a starting raid spot. I can raid most nights between 8 EST and 1 EST. I’d prefer a 2-3 night raid schedule. If you have neck level requirements, my neck should be 47 by tomorrow.

I am a slightly older than average raider with raid experience dating back to BC (previous top 50 US guild during Throne of the Four Winds). I am looking for some place that will feel like a home, that I can kill raid bosses with, but also form friendships with people. And, as stated before, I play the game to raid, so while I know that sitting occasionally may be required, I am looking for a starting raid spot. I think I’d rather stick to Horde, but may entertain an alliance guild.

If you feel like your guild fits this criteria, and that I can fill a hole that you have in your roster, please let me know in game or on battlenet.

Thank you,