EDD Debit Card

My Hard earned EDD Debit card can’t be used to make purchases why?

Cannot say, you’ll have to take that up with the issuing bank. I know some cards are not accepted by Blizzrd. Is it secured by Mastercard or Visa?

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It’s Bank of America Visa. It’s on Blizzards end.

What error messages are you getting when you try to add the card to the Blizzard Wallet?

Not all types of cards will be accepted by our systems, Astridr, even if they have a major credit card logo. Usually those that don’t have specific credit limits and are able to be refunded to, etc… fit that bill.

It is entirely possible that this may be one of those. If that is the case there may be nothing that can be done, and we’d recommend using a different method of payment (another card, PayPal, etc.), but you can submit a ticket under “Purchase Failure” and inquire.


It is definitely one of those. EDD cards cannot be deposited to except by EDD. EDD can disable the card at any time without the cardholders permission.

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Glancing around at recent news, it looks like Bank of America is scrambling a bit due to a surge of fraud on their EDD debit cards. They may be blocking charges from things like game companies, or they may have proactively stopped some cards in anticipation of reissuing them.


Are you trying to purchase a subscription or a block of game time?

If should work for a block of game time, but if I recall correctly has never worked for subscriptions.


Is this also happening with just regular BAA Visas?

I can buy game time but not subs on my card but this card is what I used to sub in the past so this is recent.

Got funds etc

BofA has had issues in the past with not liking Blizzard and not allowing purchases or subscriptions for them.

A workaround is to have your card set up on Paypal, then just have the Paypal authorized to your Battle.net account. Not ideal, but it gets the job done.

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Has it? That’s odd. I’ve used BofA for years as my only means of buying subs with no problems.

Eh, I’ve never personally run into an issue. I’ve used a BofA Visa for all of my game purchases for the whole time the game has been out, and everything has always gone right through.

EDD has always blocked Blizzard purchases from their cards whether its unemployment or SDI. It started before the surge of them checking fraud cases. Either buy chunks of bnet balance off Amazon, best buy, etc or go thru PayPal is your solution. Least that’s how it’s been for me in Cali. Your mileage may vary.


I’m not even quoting you on any of that, but the only censor here right now is your fellow players.

If you have an issue you would like to suggest a fix to, I would advise you taking it to the General Discussion forums or make use of the in-game suggestion tool. That whole rambling nonsense doesn’t belong here.

Blizzard works within the mandates of what the cards and accounts will allow. The issue most likely lies within BofA, especially with all of the crazy back and forth with unemployment, unemployment scams and all of that going on with the pandemic. There has probably been some lockdown to prevent continued authorization of subscriptions when UI is going off and on with extensions and all of that.

Your card is still perfectly usable, it works just fine if you set it up as a primary payment through Paypal. All of your soapboxing here, it serves no purpose. The SFAs have nothing to do with this branch of things. There are no GMs, Devs, QA or anyone else who might be able to give you a better answer as to why this is an issue that come to this forum.


I was on the EDD card some last year, and BofA most certainly would not allow a monthly subscription with the EDD card. Mainly due to alot of the fraudulent issues with those cards, such as unemployment scams. Several Billion dollars worth of unemployment fraud.


Excuse me, I believe you dropped this.


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Outside of using an acronym that is mildly inappropriate and making some odd claims and speculations, there really isn’t anything that would cause me to remove the post itself.

I don’t much see the point to the post you made and bumping the thread from 12 days ago to for this seems, well odd, but really there isn’t an issue with it. I do believe there isn’t anything productive that will be gained from leaving this thread open, so I will be closing it. Take that as you will.