Ectoplasmic distiller going to stay how it is?

Many might not be aware but the ectoplasmic distiller from the t0.5 bracer quest line is a pretty crazy item for tanks. I puts a buff around all players when used. This application of a buff generates agro. So if this is used in a raid it can generate quite a lot of threat per second or TPS.
Wondering if any blue is going to comment on if blizzard is aware of this or not. If it stays how it is tanking bosses in classic is going to change quite a bit. As a tank I honestly would like to see it nerfed as it will make things even easier but if it stays how it is I will just adjust. Would be nice to know if anything is going to change with it before sink out the money for it though lol…



Monitoring this thread.


How much threat does it generate? I do know it can be used in the outside world, I’ve seen it in Stormwind on retail here and there, but I’m not sure about instances.

So far reports are varied but if you can get the majority of your raid I have seen it generating an extra 700 TPS. This is as much threat as some spamming moves and such. You could technically use 3 times and generate 2100 TPS which is higher than most tanks can ever generate.
TLDR it can easily double the threat generation of most tanks


It’ll be interesting to see whether or not this is another “feature” to be exploited and further trivialize content.


I am monitoring this thread and would like an official response ASAP

I am seeing posts from people talking about how they used it back in the day / it was known about & used back then, and not fixed
I am worried it will be kept in like the diamond flask…
This will trivialize threat so much / even make getting Thunderfury essentially useless


Its rather interesting because it promotes an entirely different kind of tank play, spec, gear.

Welcome your deep prot overlords.


Following out of curiosity

Like literally if this thing is legit, defensively geared Shield tanks will be the only thing you will ever see again because it takes quite a bit of pressure off the healers and allows the DPS to go full Zug zug, and play a lot more aggressively.


Out of all the bullsh!t thats happened in classic so far, as a tank, this is the only thing could potentially make me want to stop playing the game.

hope it gets fixed. All you tanks that are happy about this… get good


can somebody explain to me how this thing works…you literally just pop it before you tank something? thats all?

it has a 1min cd for usage, thing lasts 3 minutes.
So if you have the setup time. you can get 3 up for 1 total minute (which is a typical boss fight or more in classic)

The buff has a pretty medium sized radius idk, it is possible to get about 20+ people in it at all times. it sends out a buff that ticks every 3 seconds… it works somewhat like battle shout threat but it buffs an unlimited amount of players in the area, 50 Threat per Person/per device inside 15y radius.

broken…i would be shocked if blizzard cares though.

DPS warriors not backing off on bosses wont hurt vanilla in any way, its just another strat for speedrun guilds that the majority will ignore.


Entirely unnecessary given how much threat we all put out anyway, but neat!

you wont see speed run guilds use this. it has a setup time to actually make a difference. This will literally benefit mediocre guilds with mediocre tanks. Nothing more really.

The implication here being mediocre guilds are guilds that don’t do speed runs, i.e. if your guild isnt speed running you are mediocre? Seems pretty elitist to me.


That’s not what I said.

It solves threat problems for tanks who aren’t that great and helps guilds who struggle with things like threat just cheese it.

Or…it could allow a good tank to wear loads of mitigation gear and still put out the same threat they did in threat gear. Making things easier for healers… that doesn’t sound so mediocre to me.


no sounds like a game breaking mechanic… ?