Echoes of Ny'alotha "Bridge the gap"

After completing a mythic 3 on Temple of Sethraliss after the server reset on 5/19/2020, the end of dungeon cache only gave 6 Echoes of Ny’alotha. I completed a M3 since I had not been receiving echoes and wanted to make I could receive them prior to opening my Mythic weekly chest. As Blizzard has stated since the reset "so we will be increasing both the droprates of Echoes and their costs by a factor of 5."If this were true, the cache should have contained 30 Echoes. Since my character this occurred on already has all of the rank 3 essences that I needed prior to the Echoes were even initiated in WoW, I started with 0 Echoes even though I am 12/12 heroic Ny’alotha and raiderio 2,400+. Please fix the “bridge the gap” system so that I can actually take part in the catch up mechanic that I have to use on my main character.