Easy solution for ranking

The easy solution, make the gear impossible to keep unless you keep your rank and thus irrelevant unless you’re doing it for fun.

Grinding to rank 14 becomes less of a life destroying sweat-fest really, really fast when the only way to keep the rank 14 weapons is to defend your r14 title week after week after week.

Make rank 14 like a never ending king of the hill game, where no one actually gets to keep the coveted r14 weapons, this way, all that super powerful rank 14 gear no longer becomes a necessity for min/maxing but a fun pvp side game that people don’t actually take that seriously, this also makes it so PvP is not at all required for PvE progression.

Letting people obtain and keep AQ40 ilvl gear at launch is a TERRIBLE idea.

For people that are against this idea, in the original vanilla in order to use r14 weapons this is actually how the game worked for the first half of it’s lifetime and it wasn’t until a later patch that ranking gear could be kept and worn after you rank decreased.

Back in 2004 if you wanted to wear r14 gear in a raid and keep it equipped you had to maintain rank 14 every single week or you were unable to equip the gear, so NOT allowing r14 gear to be permanent till AQ40 actually WOULD be more in line with the original vanilla experience.

Once AQ40 gates open you could change it back to making rank 14 gear permanent and let all previous r14 obtain their forever weapons, but allowing people access to AQ40 tier gear in phase 1 is a really bad idea that will lead to extremely toxic gameplay behaviour.

I’m not sure if you’re trolling or if you’re actually serious. Delete this thread while you still have a chance.

I ranked back in the day and never had to keep my rank to keep the gear equipped.

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I agree that having to keep your rank in order to use the gear is terrible.

As far as I can remember, the only change classic made was allowing you to purchase items based on your highest rank instead of your current rank. So as long as you are rank 6 you can go back and buy higher ranked items based on your highest rank. I think in vanilla once you deranked, if you didn’t buy the items you wanted, you’d be screwed.

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I had no idea you could buy pvp gear in classic once u de-ranked. I made sure not to test that and bought gear as i hit rank (i didntgo past r10)

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Nope, back in the EARLY days of vanilla, you had to keep your rank in order to equip the gear, it was changed LATER, which is what you are remembering, unless you got r14 in vanilla during mc/bwl you are remembering incorrectly .

Are you joking I mean yeah why not make the rank 14 grind even more toxic than it already is if anything we should just do a whole revamp.

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Why’s it have to be labeled toxic? It’s difficult to obtain, but also people seem to tend to form community around it, and that’s a sort of interesting aspect of the game, isn’t it?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not claiming that I went to Rank 14 during WoW Classic. I didn’t go past Rank 10, and I don’t expect to go to R14 during SoM, but that’s because R14 isn’t on par for me with my RL responsibilities.

But for those who choose to make it their priority, it makes sense that it’s difficult to obtain.

Keeping the ranking system as it is with this SoM style will definitely make it more prestigious /harder to obtain, no doubt about that.

Keep in mind the honor system starts during phase 1, so pvp server leveling will be a lot of fun!

Also, anyone who didn’t enjoy PVP servers during WoW Classic Phase 2 should make sure to roll on the appropriate server type for their playstyle; Normal.

Thanks for mentioning this. I’ve been trying to point it out.

Almost every server had a PVP community and almost every server was inclusive where people from many guilds and many groups on the server would work together. I met so many people when ranking and 90% of them were people who I could get along with. On top of that I really meshed with some of them and we are still friends.

The lone wolves who had no desire to play with other people in an MMO did get pushed out and they tend to say things like “Classic PVP was super toxic” but it was not in my experience. You’d try to include as many people as possible and work with them to help everyone achieve their goals.

As for the original comment I can kind of understand the perspective, but I think there would always be someone who was willing to push hard for weeks to keep the weapons or whatever. Getting people in and out of the PVP ranking system as quickly as possible actually made it a lot less toxic.

One it makes you fight your Is own faction more than the enemy faction 2 servers that have a server in embalance of your on the non dominate faction Is your going to get farmed to the point where you can even play the game.

That’s why if you may or may not know this but at the start of phase 2 they didn’t have battlegrounds they had to speed that up because people were literally getting grieved to the point where they could not play the game.

On top of that And even now this is going to be worse because it’s going to be open at lunch we only have a year and loot drops are going to mean more.

That gear is very powerful it can clearly carry you all the way to aq And when you have a carrot that incredible.

Is everybody is indirectly encouraged to go for it Is it makes literally It discourages Is a big chunk of the player base if you have a job of any type you’re completely discouraged of even trying it.

Is too it literally forms mafias Is people were detoxed Is stream sniped And also were given death threats on top of that.

If someone bracket breaks you’re now on the hate list of at least 1020 people at least that probably set one person set 20 people back weeks of progression.

And it makes you have to play the game a very unhealthy amount on top of that If you’re going to do that I’ve been trying right you also have to take part in the consumable matter as well.

And all this is justified under the guys that itis that its bragging rights well let me ask this Is if it’s only for bragging rights why does there have to be player power associated with it.

For example Why can’t the last range be ranked 13 and all the gear gets unlocked there Is and rank 14 it only is the title and Is a mount that you can only get through there right.

I’ll give you a good example not everybody gets Gladiator But you don’t need Gladiator to unlock the arena gear now do you.

That’s why I have an issue with it I don’t think there should be a part of the game that it’s not blocking you off because you’re not spending the time.

It is also the only part of the game where you lose progression if you do not keep doing it again encouraging people to play the game an unhealthier mount.

I can tell you irate to rank 12 This and this is another reason why I don’t like it RNG can destroy your progression.

Because it’s accepted that Warsaw golge is the best honor per hour right because you learn very quickly it’s the honor you get per win not the honor you get from players it’s menacial in comparison.

Is oh another part of the world pewdiepie thing everyone talks about this epic world PVP no that’s not how it works 9 times a 10 every once grew awhile you have easily epic battles.

But realistically what generally happens is if you’re on the dominant faction you destroy thee non dumb infection another thing.

It opens up a whole new Is body market and encourage people to buy gold on top of it There was whole boozing metals all around us most people that got Is grand Marshall.

Bought it Is the only way it’s actually fun you have to be a part of the Guild that’s actually doing that

Is that’s the only time that that’s fun If you’re doing it any other way it’s absolutely miserable on top of that.

You can’t do anything else you don’t get to farm and I know this because I can tell you what I was doing it was nearly 8 to 10 hours A-day of nothing but worse on gulch.

Is and I would do stock aid runs in between to make money just for my repairs Because I literally could not do anything else and what finally was it.

What finally sealed it for me was my computer went down for a week and I had to get it fixed I came back the next week I went from 50% to rank 13 Is the 12% and am like undone I Ike I couldn’t do it anymore.

That’s the other problem once it pulls you in you don’t want to stop it’s like it’s a drug almost.

It’s the alcoholic fallacy Just one more battle ground just 2 more battle grounds Just 2 more beers I’m not addicted.

Is that’s why it is toxic it needs to be changed Is and even now it will be absolutely terrible for the game.

I hope that was a good enough explanation

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Yeah my point Is a pvp system should not Is punish somebody if they want to do it on their own people do pug arenas all the time.

Why should the person that’s doing it on their own Is on top of that APB P system that favors playing against your faction more than everybody else is a bad system.

And yeah you’re pointing out one of the biggest problems with it it makes this Is mob a mentality oh Hey you’re not in her little group.

Oh you screwed us over dude yeah we’re gonna Spam or pour at you And get your account band.

And go after you Don’t tell me there wasn’t toxicity I saw plenty of it I knew several people that got their accounts temporarily band.

Is on higher pop servers I heard it was much worse on top of that it literally destroys servers on a huge scale do you not remember they had to release battle grounds.

Sooner than they were going to because the grief aint was so bad no offense but this is something you’re not mentioning.

That’s why it’s a bad system if you’re in the group You’re fine right But heaven for bed you ever try and go in and alone you’ve got no chance that’s not a good system.

Battle grounds This has always been the single content of the game and there is nothing wrong with that Is a normal person with a normal job should not have to play 18 hours A-day And that’s if you’re in an organized group.

Is that’s why that’s toxic it makes you play the game an unhealthy amount of hours On top of that if you’re really going to use the per stage argument.

Is why does there have to be player power associated with it right why can’t the gear just stop at rank 12 then.

Is why does it have to be at rank 14 where the brackets are so small its ridiculous Is why do we have to have a bracket system begin with right.

Is that is not a good system to me Is a promote’s toxicity If you’re in a group of people Is that has the attitude of oh if you’re not with us you’re not allowed to play this part of the game.

Is the type of behavior you’re talking about the 1st part yes that was part of it but you can’t deny the negative part of that.

Because one player can screw all of you over right that you cannot deny that So what do you think’s going to happen.

You’re going to have a lot of people mad at 1 individual I saw plenty of people that got dedoxed had their accounts permanently banned.

And in some cases Is death threats Is so yeah don’t tell me there wasn’t talk Is toxicity to a huge degree on top of that again faced to the server killer patch.

Yes, I rerolled Alliance and greatly enjoyed playing as the underdog on a Horde dominant PVP server during Phase 2. This was my hands down favorite part of WoW, ever.

So, that may give some insight into my perspective and preferences.

I mean, it’s not that you’re discouraged from playing a video game for 14+ hours a day if you have a job, it’s that if you’re an adult, it’s your choice what you care about. Do you care about R14 more than you care about your RL responsibilities? Cool. Go for it then. Are you able to manage your RL responsibilities and still go for R14? Cool. Go for it then.

I won’t be going for R14, because it’s not as important to me as other things in RL. It seems to me that your point is that the R14 system is toxic because you can’t get R14 while prioritizing other things. But that’s precisely what makes it prestigious; we can’t all get it.

If they hosted with the crusade patch, there would be no ranks.

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You know honestly I think I would be OK with this just add dual speck cause BC towns are still a hack of a lot better than classic and at least politics could tank.

I personally don’t think it’s far enough and I want to see them push the line even further but honestly I would be content with this.

Again it seems you completely ignored the part where I said Servers going from 45% 60% To 99 1 And people dedoxing other people

Is sending other people death threats Spam reporting other people to get their accounts band that’s all OK?

All that is not toxic to you Aside from fun you consider getting yourself stamped into the ground where you can’t even play the game and getting corpse camped fun?

I would say no offense but you are a strange individual But again it seemed your you know skipping over.

Is all the you know consequences of a system like that you’re only looking at the in your opinion positives OK.

And all the bad that it’s going to do


Phase 2 as alliance on a pvp server was probably the most fun I ever had on wow. I lived in ungoro and gadget and within that month or so before BGs I managed to almost get rank 8 as a measly level 56 feral Druid. I will never forget the epic fights I had out in that desert and jungle.

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