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Hello all, I’m looking to transfer here away from the meh server I’m on currently. The only problem is that I’m from the east coast. I do little RP, as I’m still very new at it but it does have my interest along with the normal content and pvp. Just looking for a smaller guild that has a friendly environment with hopefully friendly EST times :slight_smile:


Hey there!

When you say EST-friendly times, what would that be for you? Wyrmrest’s server time is PST, so 3 hours behind us EST peeps. So, when it’s 6pm server, it’s 9pm for us. Most guilds seem to start events somewhere between 4pm-7pm server time from what I’ve noticed.
Check out the Directory below and let me know if you have any questions!

Shameless plug here, but my guild is very friendly towards those new to RP, and we’re equally interested in content. Our events usually begin between 5pm and 6pm server, so 8pm-9pm EST. If you’d like to chat let me know! Otherwise, hope to see you here sometime and if I can help with anything shoot me a message!

The Sunreavers are also a good home for a blood elf mage (and a few other classes) and our events start around 5pm server time. Lovely group of people, too.

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I’m EST too! I came to WrA years ago and I’m happy being an Accordian. Highly recommend it. The community itself is a lot more fun to play with than a few other servers I’ve been on, and I’ll never look back.

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The Horde Brothers is a Horde RP guild that has event times closer to EST. Currently our weekly RP events start at 4pm (7pm EST) server time. Usually run a few hours. Our weekly Raid team is usually Saturday evening 4 - 8 (7 - 11pm EST) server time.

If interested you can seek out Alltherion or Dahkka in game for details and recruitment.