Easiest MT challenge for Mages?

Which Mage Tower challenge is easiest for mages?

I’m trying to get the transmog for my alts so I’m just looking for the easiest one so I can move on to the next alt

I was thinking maybe the frost one but idk, I haven’t tried them all and it’s been a while since I played my mage

Please advise :weary::pray:

Fire is the easiest one IMO.

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Yep, fire is a cakewalk. I’d venture to guess most of the MT complainers were looking for this level of challenge for the other events. I went in completely rusty only having seen the event on a YouTube vid. Got it done in 4 tries. Used 0 cheese gear.

Fire is the easiest in my opinion.

I’ve been trying the fire mage challenge, but I keep running into problems when agatha’s shield and immune imps overlap

Is there any way to make sure that doesn’t happen?

I’m still not super keen on how her mechanics work

Edit: Nevermind, just beat it.

I have to say, the fire mage challenge is by far the easiest one I’ve done so far. Took me about 17 pulls to get it…. Meanwhile my priest here is on like pull 100 and still can’t get the shadow one done :expressionless:

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Congrats! Feels good to beat it